Mike Hind 30 Sept | Aldrine Guerrero 14 Oct! | #Newcastle #ukulele @thecumby

Mike Hind and Aldrine blog

Both events will be upstairs at The Cumberland Arms, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne – more info about exact timings and tickets to follow – but here is everything you need to know about Mike and Aldrine!

Wed 30 Sept – (Mike Hind aka “Uncle Elvis”)

: “Banish the Butterflies! From Stage Fright to Spotlight!

“Move away from your living room to playing solo in front of people, playing solo to open mic and open mic to performing!

Mike will cover how to gain confidence, overcome stage fright, write a set list, have fantastic stage presence and interact with your audience as well as teach you some gimmicks.

A fantastic performance workshop that’ll give you the tools for creating a dynamic stage presence.”

: (Mike performed at my birthday party at The Cumberland in March this year – a great entertainer!)

“Funny, irreverent and spontaneous, Bermudian ukulele artist Mike Hind, also known by his stage moniker, Uncle Elvis, performs weekly throughout the summer all over the island – Red Steakhouse, Bermuda Bistro at the Beach and, predominantly, The Dock at Waterlot Inn, entertaining crowds with an eclectic range of songs from classic romance tunes to the catchiest pop numbers. He’s been known to burst into song at a moment’s notice… sometimes in the middle of another song.

With years of experience in comedy, theatre and performing with local bands, Kennel Boys & Duty Free most famously, Mike decided to pick up a ukulele at age 41. His show is equal parts joyful and melodious comedy, with audience members often dragged in by playful heckling. In 2013, he released “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” an EP funded solely through donations by friends and fans through crowd-funding website IndieGoGo. And is working on both a live album, recorded at The Dock – with tree frogs in the background as accompaniment – and an album of classic 70s folk-pop covers… and possibly another with disco covers!

In 2012, he because a sponsored artist with Mim’s Ukes, a premier online ukulele dealer and in 2014, he became an endorsed artist with Moku Ukuleles and will be playing and demoing the new Mike Hind Model at the Moku Booth # 1205 at NAMM in January, 2015.

In the winter of 2013 and 2014, he toured throughout the midwest and south with The Flea Bitten Dawgs, the latter year, heading south to Florida in an attempt to stay warm!

After playing and MCing for Craig Chee, Sarah Maisel and Julia Nunes in 2013, in November 2014, he was a headliner at the Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway alongside the likes of Seeso, Marc “Li’l Rev” Revenson and Victoria Vox and played at the Milwaukee Ukulele Festival. In September 2015, he will be traveling to Greece with Narciso “Seeso” Lobo and a few dozen ukulele enthusiasts where he will perform and hold workshops at “My Big, Fat Greek Ukulele Adventure”.

Throughout the year, he will also be playing in Mim’s Ukes’ Travelling Ukulele Sideshow, with dates all over the United States.

Mike regularly appears at The Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda and thinks he might have finally figured out what he’d like to do when he grows up.”

Website: http://mikehind.tumblr.com/

Wed 14 Oct – Aldrine Guerrero – Mr “Ukulele Underground”

Workshop: “Hawaiian Music Techniques and Style”

“Get the chance to learn Hawaiian ukulele from a true Hawaiian uke master. This workshop will cover the general breakdown of all aspects of Hawaiian music. Covering the strumming techniques, feel and vamps that feature heavily in Hawaiian music.

An absolute must for any ukulele player!”

Performance: Traditional and Contemporary Hawaiian-style Ukulele!

Aldrine is one of the most charming and self-effacing virtuosos on the ukulele scene!  If you have not visited Ukulele Underground already – why ever not?  You will be hooked!

Check out:

Aldrine’s Ukulele Underground videos on YouTube:

Aldrine’s personal “Ukulele Over Soul” YouTube Channel:

Aldrine Guerrero:

“Aldrine Guerrero is a Hawaiian player from the island of Kaua’i.  Originally from the Philippines, Aldrine started out at local Kauai coffee shops and churches to stages that range from coast to coast continental US to international performances.

Aldrine’s style of ukulele has been spread throughout the world through live performances and through the streams of YouTube; gaining 28,000 subscribers to his channel that has accumulated over 7 and a half million views.

Guerrero is also one of the founding fathers of Ukulele Underground alongside Aaron Nakamura and Ryan Esaki. UkuleleUnderground was created in 2007 with the goal of growing the next generation of ukulele players around the world. By providing quality video ukulele lessons for songs and techniques, a pool of knowledge from the largest community of ukulele players on the internet, and access to some of the most valuable resources in ukulele.

Ukulele Underground reaches out to all continents of the world, bringing in about a million views every month from almost 70,000 forum members including 5,000 active members. Guerrero shares his love for the ukulele through his songs, teachings, friendships, and bonds that are made through music.”

Website: http://ukuleleunderground.com/


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