The Ukulele First Step – Beginners Start Here!

“The Ukulele First Step”

by George Welch with The Ukulele Allstars

Ukulele First Step CD Cover
Plink No evil, Plonk No Evil, Strum No Evil
  • Learn how to strum “Ukulele First Step” chords: C, F and G
  • Practice some “Ukulele First Step” picking patterns
  • Three “First Step” songs: song-sheets with ukulele chord grids
    1. “Feelin’ Groovy” – (mp3 file to be added)
    2. “Your Cheating Heart” – play mp3 file (3MB)
    3. “Sailor” – play mp3 file (3MB)
  • Ukulele chord sheet with grids for common chords
  • Canny illustrations by the man himself.

Download pdf (8 pages, 1.4 MB): “The Ukulele First Step” by George Welch

There are more Ukes4Fun Song Practice sheets with mp3s or videos for you to play along to (“The Next Steps”?) but get your mitts around these ones first.

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More info and sign up to get notice of workshops and events here:

And remember – “Plink No Evil, Plonk No Evil, Strum No Evil” :-)

George’s website:


4 thoughts on “The Ukulele First Step – Beginners Start Here!”

  1. Hi. I came about your page while looking for ukelele groups in the area. Ive been trying to learn ukelele for few months now and was wondering if you are accepting a beginner in your group so I can learn along. Thanks.


    1. Hi Debbie,

      Many apologies for not replying sooner!

      Please feel free to come along to a session at The Cumberland Arms. We meet from 6:00 – 8:00 on the first three Thursdays every month – there is a calendar to check dates here:

      This a set of “FAQ” and my answers, in response to other people who have got in touch before coming along for the first time.  (Some of the information is repeated because it answers more than one question.)

      There is also a pdf file version if you want to print the FAQ’s page:

      I hope this is helpful and look forward to seeing you!

      Best wishes,


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