Tuesdays @ The Cumberland Arms Byker – and more!


2nd and 4th Tuesdays
6:00 – 8:00

The Cumberland Arms, Byker,


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Ukes4Fun – Free “join in” ukulele sessions!

The “musical back bone” for both sessions is provided by “Misspent Uke”


The Cumberland Arms
2nd and 4th Tuesdays 6:00 – 8:00


The Cumberland Arms
James Place Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne
0191 265 1725


  • 2nd Tuesday –  Ukes4Fun with Dot and Misspent Uke
  • 4th Tuesday – Ukes4Fun New/Old Songs with Denis/Lizzie
  • 1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesdays – NO SESSION

2nd Tuesday: Dot and Misspent Uke

  • The usual sessions with Misspent Uke.
  • We would like to ask for 6-9 months playing experience and offer support to anyone wishing to improve.

4th Tuesday: Denis leads these sessions

  • Includes more time for introducing new songs and reintroducing old songs.
  • You can use the email list to send song sheets for songs, links to video or recordings of songs, etc.
  • Please remember to bring at least 10 song sheets for new songs.
  • You can also use the email list to send song sheets to everyone and to let Denis and the rest of us know what you are planning.
  • If you want to give even more of a “heads up” you can include links to video or audio recordings of songs in your email. Some uke groups do this a lot more than we do and it helps to get everyone up to speed more quickly by practicing new songs between sessions. (Now there’s an idea for how to keep off the streets and stay out of trouble when we haven’t got a Thursday session!)


Sunday Ukes Session (1:45 – 3:45)

Sunday sessions are NOT suitable for “beginners”.


  • If the Calendar gets stuck on “loading”: this problem is to do with cookies in your browser.  The easiest workaround is to hit the “Printer” icon on the calendar and then navigate through the “Print Preview” pop-up to see dates.  Alternatively, check Sunday Ukes blog updates
  • Open any event in the calendar to see further details for that session
  • Use the tabs at the top of the calendar to change the view from “Agenda” to “Month” or “Week”
  • Select the “Look for more” link under the last date to see if there are any more dates recorded
  • To print the calendar – select the printer icon on calendar
  • There is also a link in the blog side-bar menu to this page
  • If you have a Google Account, you can add individual events to your own Google Calendar from this big version of the Calendar (but not from the little one below)

Tips for all sessions:

  • If you have not been before and have a song to play, please don’t be startled when other people do their best to try and sing and play along with you.  It is less about having a “spot” and more about taking turns to lead songs.
  • Do not feel shy about handing out song-sheets and inviting people to join you in singing the chorus.  There are so many different versions of popular songs and we might be more used to playing a version in a different key, so do mention what key you are playing in.  Tempo and rhythm might also be unfamiliar or unexpected, so playing a verse or chorus as an “intro” will help everyone to get in step with you.
  • Try to remember to tell the rest of us what song you are about to play, or expect loud calls of, “What song is it?” and scrambling for song-sheets during the first verse as realisation kicks in!


There is a list of old FAQ’s here: Ukes4Fun Sessions FAQ

Song Books

We are building up a bank of Song Books – these use the real chord names. Some songs are versions of the Ukulele Allstars song sheets but priority is given to new songs that have proven “staying power”.  It is a very eclectic mix, reflecting the different musical hinterlands of members that so enthrall and inspire us!

The song books have been made using the computer program “Songsheet Generator”.  If you want make song sheets to bring to session and have not already come across it, I can recommend Songsheet Generator – much easier than using a Word Processor if you want to show chord names above the words and generate chord grids.  There are also some useful online tools for making songsheets.

The Cumberland Arms

The atmosphere is relaxed, there is good real ale and real food on sale (check availability!), the pub is child and dog-friendly (the children play ukes and the dogs howl in tune!), we certainly have fun and we welcome anyone who wants to either drop in or attend regularly.

If you are thinking of having a meal or snack at The Cumberland Arms, check the Cumberland Arms website or contact them to find out about availability and menu: http://www.thecumberlandarms.co.uk/


Access to the Cumberland Arms from the path down from Stephen Street is closed due to Covid restrictions. Walk past the pub down the next flight of steps, left up the ramp then double back to enter the terrace at the front of the pub.

Access to the Upstairs Venue is via the ramp at the side of the pub leading to the Fire Exit.

Public Transport

The nearest Metro is Byker.

There are numerous buses stopping on Shields Road.

Parking at The Cumberland Arms

Free parking on James Place Street and the sloping, rough hard-standing next to the Cumberland.

Free parking behind The Cumberland Arms on Stephen St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1JX

There is also ample free parking across the main road in the public car park by the Kentucky Fried Chicken, off Shields Road, and even more behind Morrison’s Supermarket. Please check current parking time restrictions.

Maps and Directions on Google Maps

The Cumberland – on foot from Shields Road / Morrison’s Car Park

If you are walking from Shields Road, here are directions and map from Morrisons Supermarket to The Cumberland Arms

The Millstone

Please see this page: Sunday Uke Sessions @ The Millstone South Gosforth

Communication and Contact

There is a private email list group for members of both the Ukes4Fun! Thursday Sessions and the Sunday Millstone Sessions. Members distribute new songs for sessions using this list – as well as ot instead of bringing copies to sessions.

You are also welcome to subscribe to this public blog at ukesFun.org.uk.

Contact email for Ukes4Fun! (which flits through the ether to me) is on the picture below (not included as text to avoid spam-bots!)

Last updated: 13 June 2022

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