Welcome back, Ukulele Cosmos!

If you haven’t visited the “ukulele pub” at Cosmos yet, here are a couple of reviews to give you a taster:

Ukulele Gazette

Here’s a super forum to hang out in with like-minded people.

" "

Ukulele Cosmos is a well-known forum with leaning to the UK but all nationalities are welcome. There’s also a good selection of interesting links to other ukulele related internet resources.  Good site with lots of friendly people.



Useful and friendly bulletin board run by UK ukist Alli Bee though it is popular with international contributors. It has many useful sections including recordings, technical, theory, luthier, banjo-ukes as well as general uke talk and even a section for just sounding off on any topic.



I have updated the previous post to make the advice about “internet security”, “safe browsing” and avoiding getting ambushed by malware more general.

6 thoughts on “Welcome back, Ukulele Cosmos!”

      1. Hi, Lizzie. I am having a lot of fun with that Ukulele Hula-Hooping category. There are more videos in that odd little sub-genre than you might think, so I’ll definitely be posting more.


        1. Hi Steve – I had a look at at the others you have collected so far – made my day :-) I tried hula-hooping not long ago and was hopeless! It was never this hard when I was a kid ;-)


          1. It seems to be easier for girls/women for some reason, though. Or maybe I’m just more attentive when I see a woman hula hooping! :-)
            But I had a hula hoop when I was around 8. It was yellow and I called it Sunny. I could keep it going pretty long back then. I’d be lucky to get one twirl out of it now!


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