Stay One More Night – Marie Little!

One of our favourite songs!

Marie Little introduced us to this great song by Martin Francis a while ago and it has been a firm favourite ever since. Dot often starts off our Thursday sessions leading it.

Here is Marie leading us in her version at the “sing around” at our weekend away last November in Wooler, accompanied by The Attic Band and Keith Perry on lead ukulele:

Martin Francis’s original version has more verses than this. Also, over the years that Marie has been covering it, the lyrics have shifted and morphed a bit too. I think that means it is a proper Folk Song!

Many thanks to Marie for permission to upload this video to YouTube so we can use it for practice between sessions.

Song Sheet

“Stay One More Night”: Marie Little Version – Songsheet PDF file

If there are any errors in the Song Sheet, or in the chords and lyrics in the video subtitles, they are my mistakes not Marie’s!

Liz Panton


Marie Little:

Martin Francis:

The Attic Band:


We banished our butterflies with Mike Hind! @thecumby

Wonderful workshop and performance by Mike Hind on Wednesday 30 Sept!

From Stage Fright to Spotlight!  Here are Mike and some of the participants who banished their butterflies!

Who thought we were joking when we called for Mike to do “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the ukulele?

After the show, an impromptu treat in The Cumberland Arms Beer Garden!  Iain Glencross aka Hawaiian Shirt Racer“,  previously the most stage-frit man on the planet, undertook a six-hour round trip by motorbike to come to the Mike Hind night – and aren’t we glad that he did!

Not forgetting lovely Lalya Gaye, who provided soothing ukulele-themed sounds from the Hello Montoya DJ Collective and then was first up in the spotlight to tackle her stage fright!

Kay Mortimer was next up, quickly corralling Michael Grant, also from The Angel Delights Ukulele Club in Wooler, to join her on stage – and didn’t they do well too!

Many thanks to everyone for making this such a great night! 

Thanks also to:

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Liz Panton

Great Uke Strumming Tutorial by Dave Newton @daveyworld of #LeftHandStairUkes #BarLoco

Dave led the Left Hand Stairs Ukes session on Tuesday and gave us loads of playing tips! This is one of his tutorials on YouTube.

Left Hand Stair Ukes Facebook Group:

Preview! “What Ukulele Players REALLY want to know” eBook by Barry Maz @bazmaz

What Ukulele Players REALLY want to know

A guide, written FOR beginners..


Barry Maz

Published by Barry Maz at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Barry Maz

To new ukulele players everywhere….

Cover photo – Mainland Mahogany Concert Ukulele – photo copyright Barry Maz 2010


I’m Barry, and I’m a ukulele player. Well, actually, I am not just a player. In fact, I have found myself rather obsessed by the ukulele. You see, the little instrument can do that to you, it kind of gets under your skin. Before you know it, it has taken hold and you are stuck. It’s fun though!

I’m actually a guitar player by trade and have been playing for over twenty years, until a few years ago I was re-watching a documentary about a hero of mine, George Harrison. George liked the uke. In fact, that is an understatement, George LOVED the uke. In fact many of his friends are on record pointing out that he actually put the uke higher than the guitar in his affections. He would always travel with two ukuleles, so that if he was playing with friends, he could also pass one to somebody else to join in. I love that story. George had the ukulele bug bad, just like me. In fact, most people I meet who have started playing the ukulele have the same bug…

When I first bought a ukulele, totally contrary to all of my knowledge and good practice with guitars, I assumed the uke was a toy instrument, that it wasn’t very serious. I therefore spent as little money as I could get away with in the hope of having some fun. How wrong I was. You see it turns out that the world is flooded with cheap ukuleles that frankly, don’t play very well. Nor is the ukulele a toy or anything that shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s an instrument and it needs the same thought and attention any other instrument receives. This frustrated me, but I carried on, and bought a slightly better ukulele.

continue reading next 20 pages of preview at
  • Well worth checking out! Written from a UK-uke perspective for beginners. This preview gives a good insight into the content if you are not sure whether it is for you. Bargain price for the full book – Much less than the cost of a pint! If you like his website Baz, invites you to buy him a beer :-)

Durham Beginners Ukulele Group – Facebook Page

Facebook Page Info:

A new ukulele class in Durham City kicking off in January 2011 led by an experienced uke teacher and community musician.

So why play the ukulele? Well, as more and more people are finding out, it’s fun, you can pick up new tunes quickly and it’s one of the easiest musical instruments to learn!

Absolute beginners welcome :)

To book your place email Ian at ukuleledurham AT (replace AT with @)

Course starts Tuesday 11th January 2011

We meet every Tuesday from 7.30pm-9pm
at Antioch House, 66 Crossgate, Durham City, DH1 4PR

10 week course- £48.00
Or 2 installments of £24 in week 1 and week 5.

You’ll need to bring a uke, but don’t worry as among the many delights of the ukulele is the fact that they are the cheapest musical instruments out there!

Check out for a great range of good quality and affordable ukes!

Last of The Steam Powered Trains – The Kinks

The Kinks marked the mothballing of the last steam loco with a very English homage to “Smoke Stack Lightning”


Song sheet with ukulele chord grids – pdf file:   Last Of The Steam Powered Trains

Extracts from a book about The Kinks – pdf file:Last Of The Steam Powered Trains-p62-69

Last steam loco in the spotlight

Oliver Cromwell steam engine

The Oliver Cromwell took four years to restore

The locomotive which hauled the last British Rail passenger steam train is taking its place in an exhibition to mark 40 years since the end of steam.

The Oliver Cromwell made its historic journey, from Liverpool to Carlisle, in August 1968.

It has been restored in a four-year project at the Great Central Railway workshops in Loughborough.

The 1968 And All That event at York’s National Railway Museum also recalls the social changes of the 1960s.

‘Pivotal year’

The Oliver Cromwell will be welcomed to the museum by members of Colonel Edward Montagu’s Regiment of Foot, a roundhead regiment of the English Civil War Society.

The Britannia-class Pacific No 70013 originally ran on the Norwich to London line, and made its final trip on 11 August 1968.

Event organiser Matt Thompson said: “With this celebration we are trying to demonstrate that 1968 was a pivotal year in a great period of change that affected not only the railways but the wider world as well.

“The end of steam was an important date in history – so there should be a real sense of occasion at this event, with the return of Oliver Cromwell from restoration and the opportunity for railway workers from the time to pass on their memories of the end of an era to new generations.

Ukulele Classes at The Sage – info found on Ukulele Cosmos Forum

Ukulele Classes at The Sage – info found on Ukulele Cosmos Forum:

What: Beginners Ukulele
When: Wednesdays during term time 6.30-7.30pm
Where: The Sage Gateshead, St Mary’s Square, Gateshead, NE8 1RT
Price: £5 per week (paid termly i.e. £60 for 12 week term). Half price concession for people over 60, under 19’s, students and those in receipt of benefits.
To book: Contact The Sage Gateshead’s ticket office on 0191 443 4661
For more info: Contact us at or phone 0191 443 4627
(or link to adult learning page )

Info: Everyone has to start somewhere and for those wanting to play ukulele, this is it! In just half a term, everyone will learn the basic chords and techniques enabling the group to play the ukulele with pride. Sessions are relaxed, fun and supportive, preparing those who wish to join our more advanced Uke Troupe.

What: Uke Troupe
When: Wednesdays during term time 7.30-9pm
Where: The Sage Gateshead, St Mary’s Square, Gateshead, NE8 1RT
Price: £5 per week (paid termly i.e. £60 for 12 week term). Half price concession for people over 60, under 19’s, students and those in receipt of benefits.
To book: Contact The Sage Gateshead’s ticket office on 0191 443 4661
For more info: Contact us at or phone 0191 443 4627
(or link to adult learning page )

Info: A fun, informal and supportive group, which explores a wide and exciting variety of repertoire. In addition, the group has the opportunity to develop skills, technique and musicianship. There will be many opportunities to perform ‘ both at The Sage Gateshead and across the wider community.


Sally Kat
Head of L&P Business Development
The Sage Gateshead

Direct: 0191 443 4623
Switchboard: 0191 443 4666
Box Office: 0191 443 4661
The Sage Gateshead, St Mary’s Square, Gateshead Quays, Gateshead, NE8 2JR
“The Sage Gateshead has quickly become the most exciting music venue in Britain” – The Times, 1st September 2006
North Music Trust is registered in England as a company limited by guarantee, number 4044936 and as a charity, number 1087445.

Beginner Ukulele Lessons | Ukulele Hunt

You’ve just got your hands on a ukulele (or are just thinking of buying one). Here are a few things to read and songs to play that’ll get you up to speed quickly.

Step One: Learn the basics

So You’ve Just Got Your First Ukulele – a free PDF I put together for beginners including essential links, first chords, tips and links to suggestions for the first songs to learn.
10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Ukuleles (Before I Bought One) – Don’t make the same mistakes I did.
10 Tips for Ukulele Beginners
10 things I wish I’d known about ukuleles before I bought one.
How to read chord charts.

Extra Credit: Ukulele 101 – My ebook covering all the info a beginner needs that is left out of most beginner books.

Step 2: Get Your Strum On

Ukulele Strumming for Dummies
Strumming notation

Extra Credit: – How to Play Ukulele Strums – An ebook I wrote covering all the strumming and rhythm essentials for beginners.

Step 3: Play Some Songs

Check out the Songs with Chords You Know Post

Some popular ones:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
I Wanna Be Like You
5 Years Time
Sentimental Heart

Extra Credit: Joan Jett – Bad Reputation – Easy chords but you’ll need to have your chord changes down and a strong strumming-hand to play it up to speed.

Step 4: Spend Some Money

A ukulele tuner
– Some good strings like Aquila.

Extra Credit: Keep your ukulele upright with a stand. Get a capo to make playing in other keys easier.

Congratulations! You’re no longer a noob. You can now advance to the improver section.

If you think there’s a post that deserves a link here or have a topic you’d like me to cover in this section, leave a comment.


Essential reading for all new ukers!

This is one of the best (THE best?) uke sites and blogs you could hope to find.

Cheeky name too, careful how you say it, or stick to “Ukulele Hunt”.

Just started to Uke? Good resources for beginners at “Live ‘Ukulele”

Very comprehensive , well organised site with resources and lessons for all levels – including “new starters”.

Hawaiin-music oriented but don’t let that stop you checking it out if that is not your thing.

Run by couple of young enthusiasts who write well and really know the score!

clipped from

‘Ukulele for Beginners
As backwards as it might seem, being a beginner at playing music (the ‘ukulele) is one of the fastest levels to progress through. That is, if you work at it. If you don’t feel that you need to go beyond strumming “White Sandy Beach” that’s fine too. My own process was a little unorganized in my opinion, so here is roughly how I would do it over again.
clipped from

How to Read Tab

Tablature is an easy and fast way to write out music for stringed instruments. It is very hard to express rhythm with tab, so it is only helpful when you know the song.

clipped from
First of all, listen to a lot of ‘ukulele music. If you haven’t heard it, you won’t be able to play it. Check out the Recommended Stuff page for a list of my favorite ‘ukulele records