“Sunny” by Bobby Hebb – a song for the Sunday Summer Break

Collage of clips from YouTube videos of versions of Sunny

A lovely song to while away the summer – with some links to stuff that you might find useful for finding and learning other songs!

There are some beautiful ukulele versions of “Sunny” on the internet, both sung and instrumental. None of the versions here have been recorded as a tutorial, with the purpose of teaching someone how to play the song.  I just liked these ones. There are many other versions that I liked too but I had to stop somewhere and 10, including Bobby Hebb’s original, seemed like a good place to draw the line.

My top pick for the easiest arrangement to play and sing is by NGUYEN DINH Quoc-Huy.

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“The Summer Wind” – something for the summer break?

Here is a lovely laid-back summer song to relax to:

“Summer Wind” on ukulele, double bass and harmonica, all played by Floyd Amason, multi-instrumentalist!

Play-along here on “Chordify – The Summer Wind“:

I wouldn’t swear to it, but I think these chords below work for this version – could do with some judicious simplifying!

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Starter for 20 – Some Great Uker YouTube Channels!

There are so many fabulous ukers out there on You Tube!  A limitation of this list is that consists of YouTube Channels – not individual videos.  There are some great ukers, and whole genres, missing simply because I could not find a dedicated YT Channel, eg. no Del Ray, very little uke-blues.  The other reason is that I got a bit bored with making lists after the first twenty . . .

But – tell you what – my current favourite uke video is . . .  Brittni Paiva – “Tell U What”:

Comments and suggestions for additions are most welcome!  There is a comment box below . . .

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Fingers on buzzers! Starter for Twenty . . . 

List some great Uker YouTube Channels  in alphabetical order:

1) Al Wood (Uke Hunt’s “Woodshed”):

2) Baroque Uke (Rob MacKillop):

3) bsef77:

4) Brittni Paiva:

5) Colin Tribe:

6) G.I.G.A.P.U.S. – Girls In Glasses And Playing Ukulele Society:


8) Herman Vandecauter:

9) Howlin’ Hobbit:

10) Ken Middleton:

11) Mark Occhionero:

12) Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer:

13) MsAutumnLeaf:

14) Phil Rowell:

15) Taimane Gardner:

16) Uke Your Mind:

17) Ukulele at its dorkiest (Ukulele Underground’s Aldrine):

18) UkuleleTim:

19) UkeVal:

20) Wilfred Welti:

Great Uke Strumming Tutorial by Dave Newton @daveyworld of #LeftHandStairUkes #BarLoco

Dave led the Left Hand Stairs Ukes session on Tuesday and gave us loads of playing tips! This is one of his tutorials on YouTube.

Left Hand Stair Ukes Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/581354818541600/

Chord Hat for Harmonically-Challenged Musicians

Many thanks to Andy Seagroatt for sending this link.  I thought it was going to be a hat to be worn by the harmonically-challenged musician him/herself, to assist in some magical way.  Well, that idea was just plain silly, obviously. This makes much more sense!

Video recommendations from Rodney Inefuku, Hawaii

Rodney kindly posted this message to us on another part of the website:

If you would like to listen to the YouTube music video of “The Nearness of You” by jazz ukulele artist Benny Chong, do a search of “Nearness of You – Benny Chong”… I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Also listen to “Cute”, “Have You Met Miss Jones?”, and “I’ll Remember April” by Benny… he really cooks on these numbers!

Mahalo and Aloha!

Rodney Inefuku, Hawaii

Here is the link to the first video recommended:

Nearness of You (Benny Chong Live at the Palace Theater)