Great Uke Strumming Tutorial by Dave Newton @daveyworld of #LeftHandStairUkes #BarLoco

Dave led the Left Hand Stairs Ukes session on Tuesday and gave us loads of playing tips! This is one of his tutorials on YouTube.

Left Hand Stair Ukes Facebook Group:

2 thoughts on “Great Uke Strumming Tutorial by Dave Newton @daveyworld of #LeftHandStairUkes #BarLoco”

  1. This is the best lesson on strumming that I have seen. We are a group of beginners and find strumming a bit of a mystery. I am sure this video will help us all. I have circulated the details to all our club members and have had a very positive response. Thanks for making such a helpful video.


    1. Hi Douglas,
      I am sure Dave will be thrilled by your comment! I will make sure he sees it :-)
      Best wishes,
      ps. I have just discovered what happens when you “Like” your own post on – you get an email notification like this – so apt!

      You probably think this strum is about you . . .


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