Link to full size Google Calendar


  • If the Google Calendar below gets stuck on “loading”: this problem is to do with cookies in your browser.  The easiest workaround is to hit the “Printer” icon on the calendar and then navigate through the “Print Preview” pop-up to see dates.
  • Open any event in the calendar to see further details for that session
  • Use the tabs at the top of the calendar to change the view from “Agenda” to “Month” or “Week”
  • Select the “Look for more” link under the last date to see if there are any more dates recorded
  • To print the calendar – select the printer icon on calendar
  • If you have a Google Account, you can add individual events to your own Google Calendar from this full size version of the Calendar.


Not all Thursday Sessions are the same and the Sunday Sessions are different again!
Please see these pages for more information: