North East and Cumbria Uke Sessions, Classes, etc.

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In 2011, To help spread the uke-lurve more widely, I invited all the other uke groups, clubs, sessions and classes in the North East and East Cumbria to pool information about uke-meets.  Clubs from even further afield have since added details to the list, eg. Cockermouth and Scarborough!

  • If you spot anything that needs updating, please leave a comment below this page.


Ukulele Clubs, Sessions, etc.  on a LOVELY MAP!

  • Warning: The map depends on an app to read the spreadsheet – and on me remembering to “rebuild” the map every time a new entry is added to the spreadsheet.  If a club on the list below does not appear on the map, please see the spreadsheet for details – and leave a Comment to give me a nudge!


Spreadsheet Preview:
The scrollbars move the “window”. See link below for BIG spreadsheet.

Link to BIG Spreadsheet – group/club/session details:


If the group/club/session/class that you run is missing,
please use this form to add details:
(You can see the details needed by looking at the spreadsheet)

  • Please do NOT use this form just to submit information about uke bands, gigs or individual tuition.
  • However, If you are a club/session that ALSO gigs and/or you ALSO provide individual tuition then you are VERY welcome to give details and add links in the “Other Information” section on the Form.
  • I will not add NEW Groups/Sessions on your behalf. It really is very easy to do it using the Form and you shouldn’t trust me not to make mistakes!
  • You can also update details as and when they change using the same form – if you are using the same email address that you used the first time then you do not need to re-submit all the details. If you have changed your email address or have any other problems updating the information, please email me with the changes and I will do the updates for you.


If you are looking for information about a Group/Session etc. please do check any website or social media links included in the Spreadsheet. Things might have changed since the Organiser last updated the details that are published in the Spreadsheet.

I have removed the list of all clubs already added to the Spreadsheet that was on this page. It was causing confusion, with people thinking that the names should be links.

These updates should help if you are looking for a Club/Group that you think should be on the Spreadsheet but cannot find it there.


The following have advised that they are no longer meeting:

  • Mickley – Ukes of Northumberland
  • Whickham – Tune Army (Dec 2008 – Sept 2018)
  • Whitley Bay – Hound Dog Music Ukulele Workshops


Some clubs/sessions have changed their names, sometimes because they have re-located:

  • Newcastle upon Tyne – Ukes4Fun from 2022 sessions at The Cumberland Arms, Byker are on Tuesdays (previously Thursdays)
  • Newcastle upon Tyne – OURS (Occupy Ukulele at the Rossetti Studio)
    (Formerly-Known-As “Left Hand Stair Ukes at Bar Loco”)
  • Skelton – The Cukes (Cleveland Ukuleles)
    (Formerly-Known-As “Cleveland Ukulele Fraternity”)
  • Sunderland – Hylton Ukes
    (Formerly-Known-As “Ukes4U”)
  • Sunderland – Strumbles
    (Formerly-Known-As “Steamin’ Ukes”)
  • Whitley  Bay – Bay Uke
    (Change of venue – look for “Cullercoats” on the Spreadsheet and Map)


We would like to encourage ukulele tutors at The Sage and elsewhere to pass the full list here on to their students.


Some other places you can look for uke-action or can list your group/club/sessions (updated August 2017):

Best wishes,
Liz Panton

Workshops and Education eNews

You do not need to attend Ukes4Fun sessions to come along to these events.
For more info and to sign up to get notice of workshops and events see:

Page last updated: 1 January 2022

7 thoughts on “North East and Cumbria Uke Sessions, Classes, etc.”

  1. Coldingham ukuleleclub now meets in Coldingham Bay Leisure Park Coldingham. Still on Tuesdays -but meets at 7pm


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      1. Hi Monsieur Taff!

        I will bring a spare uke for you tomorrow. Would you prefer a concert or a tenor? (My spare soprano is strung left-handed at the moment.)

        Looking forward to seeing you again!
        Best wishes,
        Lizzie X


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