Tips for looking for a ukulele tutor


The best tip is to follow the advice published on

There is also a search facility on the site to find music teachers.

This organisation works in conjunction with the Musicians Union. For the protection of its members, the MU publishes the names of individuals and organisations where it feels members should receive advice and information before proceeding with any involvement: please see p 33 of

The MU only advises its members, not the public. However, it is unlikely that an individual or organisation that is a cause of concern to the MU would be listed on the Music Teachers website.

There will also be many GOOD teachers who are NOT listed on the Music Teachers website – just because a name is missing, do not assume that there is any cause for concern.

Use this advice published on the Music Teachers site to inform your judgement:
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“Sunny” by Bobby Hebb – a song for the Sunday Summer Break

Collage of clips from YouTube videos of versions of Sunny

A lovely song to while away the summer – with some links to stuff that you might find useful for finding and learning other songs!

There are some beautiful ukulele versions of “Sunny” on the internet, both sung and instrumental. None of the versions here have been recorded as a tutorial, with the purpose of teaching someone how to play the song.  I just liked these ones. There are many other versions that I liked too but I had to stop somewhere and 10, including Bobby Hebb’s original, seemed like a good place to draw the line.

My top pick for the easiest arrangement to play and sing is by NGUYEN DINH Quoc-Huy.

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Great Uke Strumming Tutorial by Dave Newton @daveyworld of #LeftHandStairUkes #BarLoco

Dave led the Left Hand Stairs Ukes session on Tuesday and gave us loads of playing tips! This is one of his tutorials on YouTube.

Left Hand Stair Ukes Facebook Group:

My first uke – what should I buy? What should I practice?

Essential reading for all new ukers!

These two excellent articles include advice on what to buy as your first uke:



Some more ideas:

I get regular emails via the website asking for advice about the “best first uke to buy”, advice for beginner lessons, etc. There are lots of websites with this sort of advice so I have started listing them here as and when I find them:

My UkeStuff Xmarks:

(Xmarks link: sometimes that link goes to a blank page – if so, please leave a comment and I will fix it.)

I have copied extracts from a couple of emails and the replies I sent – see below – and hope this information helps others too.

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Chord Hat for Harmonically-Challenged Musicians

Many thanks to Andy Seagroatt for sending this link.  I thought it was going to be a hat to be worn by the harmonically-challenged musician him/herself, to assist in some magical way.  Well, that idea was just plain silly, obviously. This makes much more sense!

Ukes4Fun Song Practice No 4: Singing In The Rain – Two chord version!

Wonderful video of Megs leading Mis-spent Ukes and Friends at Rowlands Gill Community Centre – courtesy of Bob – with a song-sheet so you can practice in between sessions!


See “The Ukulele First Step – Beginners Start Here!” for the first three practice songs.

Preview! “What Ukulele Players REALLY want to know” eBook by Barry Maz @bazmaz

What Ukulele Players REALLY want to know

A guide, written FOR beginners..


Barry Maz

Published by Barry Maz at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Barry Maz

To new ukulele players everywhere….

Cover photo – Mainland Mahogany Concert Ukulele – photo copyright Barry Maz 2010


I’m Barry, and I’m a ukulele player. Well, actually, I am not just a player. In fact, I have found myself rather obsessed by the ukulele. You see, the little instrument can do that to you, it kind of gets under your skin. Before you know it, it has taken hold and you are stuck. It’s fun though!

I’m actually a guitar player by trade and have been playing for over twenty years, until a few years ago I was re-watching a documentary about a hero of mine, George Harrison. George liked the uke. In fact, that is an understatement, George LOVED the uke. In fact many of his friends are on record pointing out that he actually put the uke higher than the guitar in his affections. He would always travel with two ukuleles, so that if he was playing with friends, he could also pass one to somebody else to join in. I love that story. George had the ukulele bug bad, just like me. In fact, most people I meet who have started playing the ukulele have the same bug…

When I first bought a ukulele, totally contrary to all of my knowledge and good practice with guitars, I assumed the uke was a toy instrument, that it wasn’t very serious. I therefore spent as little money as I could get away with in the hope of having some fun. How wrong I was. You see it turns out that the world is flooded with cheap ukuleles that frankly, don’t play very well. Nor is the ukulele a toy or anything that shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s an instrument and it needs the same thought and attention any other instrument receives. This frustrated me, but I carried on, and bought a slightly better ukulele.

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  • Well worth checking out! Written from a UK-uke perspective for beginners. This preview gives a good insight into the content if you are not sure whether it is for you. Bargain price for the full book – Much less than the cost of a pint! If you like his website Baz, invites you to buy him a beer :-)

Top 10 Ukulele Lessons & Articles of 2010 at UkuleleTricks – some great Beginners Tips and Songsheets

Written on December 23rd, 2010 by UkuleleTricks

Top 10 Posts of 2010

Ukulele Tricks is only a few months old, but I’ve been so blown away by the welcome we’ve received from you all and the ukulele community. I’ve started to make some friends with other ukulele bloggers like Brad from Live Ukulele, Woodshed from Ukulele Hunt, Tim from Ukeeku, and other folks from the Ukulele Underground forums. All these guys have GREAT ukulele websites and have been nice enough to share the word about some of the great resources here on Ukulele Tricks.

I thought it would be fun to look back on the year at some of the best posts here on Ukulele Tricks. Many of these posts became great because you all asked questions and made comments. This is what this blog is about… YOU. I want this to be a community of ukulele players that help each other out. So thank you for your contributions, emails, questions, and comments. It’s awesome!

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best articles on Ukulele Tricks for 2010!

Go to UkuleleTricks to see the Top 10 Ukulele Lessons & Articles of 2010


Durham Beginners Ukulele Group – Facebook Page

Facebook Page Info:

A new ukulele class in Durham City kicking off in January 2011 led by an experienced uke teacher and community musician.

So why play the ukulele? Well, as more and more people are finding out, it’s fun, you can pick up new tunes quickly and it’s one of the easiest musical instruments to learn!

Absolute beginners welcome :)

To book your place email Ian at ukuleledurham AT (replace AT with @)

Course starts Tuesday 11th January 2011

We meet every Tuesday from 7.30pm-9pm
at Antioch House, 66 Crossgate, Durham City, DH1 4PR

10 week course- £48.00
Or 2 installments of £24 in week 1 and week 5.

You’ll need to bring a uke, but don’t worry as among the many delights of the ukulele is the fact that they are the cheapest musical instruments out there!

Check out for a great range of good quality and affordable ukes!