How do I change my email delivery option for the Ukes Google Group?

To change your email delivery option, you must first sign in to the Google Account associated with the email address subscribed to the group.

If you haven’t already created a Google Account for your address, please visit and follow the directions on that page.

After completing the account creation process, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Ukes Google Group homepage at
  2. Click the “Manage my membership” link at the bottom of the “My Groups” section.
  3. Choose the email delivery option that you prefer for your group from the drop-down menu and save your changes.

The settings and email delivery options you can change are:

  • No Email (I will read this group on the web)
  • Abridged Email No more than 1 email per day (Get a summary of new activity each day)
  • Digest Email (Get up to 25 full new messages bundled into a single email)
  • Email (Send each message to me as it arrives)
  • What nickname you want people in this group to see

(You can choose your real name as your “nickname” if you like – the use of nicknames to really, really hide your identity is more usual in public groups than private groups).

(Info based on Google Groups Help topics – 28th Jan 2008

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