Stay One More Night – Marie Little!

One of our favourite songs!

Marie Little introduced us to this great song by Martin Francis a while ago and it has been a firm favourite ever since. Dot often starts off our Thursday sessions leading it.

Here is Marie leading us in her version at the “sing around” at our weekend away last November in Wooler, accompanied by The Attic Band and Keith Perry on lead ukulele:

Martin Francis’s original version has more verses than this. Also, over the years that Marie has been covering it, the lyrics have shifted and morphed a bit too. I think that means it is a proper Folk Song!

Many thanks to Marie for permission to upload this video to YouTube so we can use it for practice between sessions.

Song Sheet

“Stay One More Night”: Marie Little Version – Songsheet PDF file

If there are any errors in the Song Sheet, or in the chords and lyrics in the video subtitles, they are my mistakes not Marie’s!

Liz Panton


Marie Little:

Martin Francis:

The Attic Band:


Allen Sanderson R.I.P. “The Archivist”

Allen Sanderson

We were very sad to learn on Thursday that Allen had passed away and offer our sincere condolences to Allen’s widow, Fiona.

Although he was very ill, Allen still attended sessions up until a few months ago, kindly chauffeured by Mick or Derek.  More recently, Dot, Maggie and other members visited Allen at home and in hospital. He sorely missed playing the ukulele and seeing everyone at sessions. So Chris and Denis made a video of a Sunday Session at The Millstone, where we made sure to include some of Allen’s favourite songs.


Allen will be very much missed and we have many happy memories.  Dot remembers that when Allen first started attending that he had never played ukulele before but was determined to master the instrument. Allen practiced relentlessly at home, becoming one of our most accomplished players.

Many of us will remember Allen as “The Archivist”, called on to produce long-forgotten song sheets instantly from his bulging file. Allen’s secret trick to accessing his song sheets so quickly was that he filed them in sections according to who usually led a song. By the time the mic had reached its destination, Allen had his file open at the right section, all ready to retrieve a songsheet. This was usually for the benefit of his “neighbours” as Allen knew most of the songs by heart.

Allen sat quietly smiling by the piano during sessions at The Cumberland Arms. He could rarely be persuaded to lead a song, preferring instead to contribute alternative chord voicings and to pick “finger style” through songs.  However, there were the very occasional, and very memorable, forays into song, when Allen duetted with Maggie or Andy.

My favourite memory of Allen is his surprising me by asking me if I would learn, “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue”, confessing that he was a big fan of Crystal Gayle. Dusty Springfield we already knew about, from Allen’s duets with Maggie. Crystal Gayle must have had a special place in Allen’s heart though, as he also gave “Somebody Loves You” to Terri for her to sing.

Allen was an artist and he generously made and gave “Ukes4Fun” and general ukulele T-Shirts, badges and mugs to other members.  So many of us have happy memories of Allen from ukulele sessions over the last eight or nine years.  His presence has been much missed and he will be remembered with affection.

Funeral arrangements

  • Dot will be bringing a card for us to sign on Thursday 16th and will be making a collection.
  • If you are not attending Allen’s funeral and would like to contribute something to the collection, we understand that Allen’s family will be giving donations to a palliative care charity.
  • If you will be going to The Foxcover afterwards, please could you let Dot know on Thursday or send an email? This is so that Dot can give an estimate of numbers attending for catering purposes.

Allen Sanderson: Wednesday 22 February 11:30

Cowpen Crematorium
Cowpen Road
NE24 5SZ
Tel: 01670 620405


The Foxcover
Freeman Way/Newbiggin Road
North Seaton
NE63 0YB

Best wishes,


Billy O’Shea – Ukes4Fun falling down with The Attic Band | @theatticband | @thecumby

Denis Bostock leads Ukes4Fun and The Attic Band with a rousing rendition of Billy O’Shea on 15th September.  Solos from Andy Seagroatt on fiddle, Lucy Falkenau on penny whistle and Keith Perry on ukulele.


Many thanks to Ted Hall, visiting from St Ives, and his daughter Elizabeth for the video!


Ukes4Fun Sessions FAQ

This is a compilation of Dot and my answers to Frequently Asked Questions from people who are thinking of attending a session for the first time.  If you are inviting someone along, please feel free to point them this way so that they know what to expect.  Most of these answers are already scattered around this web site somewhere.

Ukes4Fun Sessions FAQ

1. Do I need to be able to play to a particular standard?

Thursday Sessions: YES and NO

We meet in a Public Bar and anyone is welcome to come along and watch or to have a go at joining in.  However, we are aware that complete beginners struggle with the fast pace of these sessions.  You will find it a lot easier to join in if you have already been playing at least once a week for about six to nine months.

There are several “Beginners Ukulele Classes” in the area, masses of free ukulele lessons online and more “Beginner Ukulele” books than you can shake a stick at!  Have a look at these resources on this website too:

Please see this page for more information about Thursday Sessions:
Thursdays @ The Cumberland Arms Byker – and more!

1st Thursday:

  • just turn up,
  • introduce yourself to Dot, who leads the sessions,
  • find a seat
  • say “Hello” to your neighbours.
  • Everyone is very friendly.

3rd Thursday in the month: We are trying out a different sort of session (see Thursdays @ The Cumberland Arms Byker – and more!).

  • Denis will usually lead this session.
  • We ask people to bring “new songs” to this session, rather than straight to the 1st and 3rd Thursday Sessions.
  • This is also a good place to reintroduce old songs from our songbooks that have not been played for a while. (The person who led them might have moved away or just abandoned them – poor little orphan songs that need some TLC!)

2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays: NO SESSION

Sunday Sessions: YES

Information about the Sunday Sessions will be updated soon.  In the meantime, please note that Sunday Sessions are NOT suitable for “beginners”.

  • Just turn up
  • introduce yourself to Dot, who leads the sessions,
  • find a seat and say “Hello” to your neighbours.
  • Everyone is very friendly.

Select to see more FAQs . . .

CANCELLED! 26 May Thursday Session at The Cumberland Arms – but there is some consolation! | @thecumby

Dot has had so many apologies for Thursday from people on holiday or attending other events that we have decided to cancel the session this week.

If you are missing your regular uke-fix, don’t forget that on Wednesday 25th we have a wonderful workshop and concert at The Cumberland Arms!

There are still a few tickets left for the Clawhammer Ukulele Workshop by Aaron Keim. These £20 “full tickets” include free entry to the Concert by “The Quiet American” (Aaron and Nicole Keim) with a special guest appearance by “Danielle Ate The Sandwich”. “Concert only” tickets are only £5!

The Quiet American” and “Danielle Ate The Sandwich” are headlining the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival (GNUF) at Huddersfield this weekend. Many thanks to GNUF for giving us a chance to see them in Newcastle!

2016-05-21 The Quiet American Poster GNUF Tour


Best wishes,


ps. Many thanks also to GNUF for accepting my application to play at the Vinyl Tap Open Mic on Saturday 28th May! I am rather awestruck at being featured as a “Performer” alongside these amazing people!

Rollin’ in My Sweet Baby’s Arms – midst a heap o’ ukes at The Cumberland Arms!

Another fine session – and another fine video with thanks to Jazzy Lemon.

“Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms by the Monroe Brothers (1936) – later released by Flatt & Scruggs, Buck Owens etc…”

Charlie Lally

Ukes4Fun Cumberland Arms 2nd May is UPSTAIRS – access only via ramp at side of pub!

There is a private party in the “Music Room” bar next Thursday so we are meeting upstairs in the Function Room.

Please do not go through the Music Room to use the stairs to the Function Room.

Please use the ramp at the side of the pub that leads to the Function Room fire doors.


To get to the bar, go back down the ramp and into the “Saloon Bar” on the right.


  • Ladies and Gents down the stairs next to the Function Room stage.
  • Gents also through the Saloon Bar.

So long, and thanks for all the chocolates!

It was fond farewells last Thursday, it being Anil’s last session before he heads back to India and then off to Germany after graduating from Newcastle University.

Anil, Jo and Lizzie and Ukes4Fun
Anil, Jo and Lizzie - not a chocolate in sight!

Anil has promised to let us know how he gets on trying to find uke-sessions on his travels – or if he ends up starting new groups himself.

Anil said to thank everyone for the wonderful time he has had at Ukes4Fun – and we thank him for the chocolates (I should have taken a photo of them but they miraculously disappeared before I had a chance!)

Biscuit Factory Sunday Ukes Sessions resume 4th Sept | Ukes4Fun as normal on Thursdays at Cumberland Arms

Ukes Sunday Session at the Biscuit Factory Summer Break:

  • there is no session Sunday 23rd July –  tomorrow
  • Sunday Sessions at The Biscuit Factory resume Sunday 4th September
  • Ukes4Fun Thursdays at The Cumberland Arms continue – no peace for the wicked :-)

Found on Twitter – Dot’s Birthday at Ukes4Fun at The Cumberland Arms!

Ukes4Fun Session Cumberland Arms July 2011
Ukes4Fun Session | Cumberland Arms July 2011