Extra Session! Thursday 28 Dec The Cumberland Arms | @thecumby

Wishing you all a very Happy Xmas!

The Xmas Party on 4 December at The Millstone was a blast!!

Hope you can make it along to The Cumberland Arms on Thursday Dec 28th, 5:45 – 7:30

UPDATE: Please note the earlier start and earlier finish – not the usual 6:00 – 8:00! 

Please check the “Calendar” Page for further dates and links to info about Thursday and Sunday Sessions: Calendar

Best wishes – and Happy New Year if I don’t see you on the 28th!

Lizzie xxx


Jim Carey’s Songbooks and Song Sheets @cong_boy — Ukulele Allsorts

If you see this man – buy him a pint! Or donate on his songbook site – he deserves it! Jim Carey now has over 2,000 songs available for download from http://ozbcoz.com as: single sheets complete songbooks for Ukulele GCEA, Baritone DGBE, Guitar EADGBE and Mandolin GDAE. Jim has adapted the already very clever Ukegeeks Scriptasaurus […]

via Jim Carey’s Songbooks and Song Sheets @cong_boy — Ukulele Allsorts

Sarah Maisel + Craig Chee! Workshop + Concert 7th Nov 2017 @thecumby

2017-11-07 Chee Maisel Newcastle Poster 600x848

Sarah Maisel + Craig Chee UK Tour

Newcastle Workshop + Concert
Tuesday 7 November 2017
The Cumberland Arms
Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1LD

6:00 – 7:00 Workshop – £15
8:45 – 9:45 Concert – £10

Workshop + Concert – £20
(25% Discount!)

  • Times advertised here are approximate!
  • See TicketSource Page for exact timings!

Tickets and Full Details

Before and After the Summer Break at The Cumberland and The Millstone | @thecumby | @MillstoneSthGos


Every 1st, 2nd and 3rd Thursday at The Cumberland Arms 6:00 – 8:00

  • Thursday 6 July – Ukes4Fun with Dot and Misspent Uke
  • Thursday 13 July – Ukes4Fun New/Old Songs with Denis
  • Thursday 20 July – Ukes4Fun with Dot and Misspent Uke + Dot’s Birthday!
  • Thursday 27 July – NO SESSION

  • The usual monthly pattern resumes on 7th Sept
  • 1st Thursday – Ukes4Fun with Dot and Misspent Uke
  • 2nd Thursday – Ukes4Fun New/Old Songs with Denis
  • 3rd Thursday – Ukes4Fun with Dot and Misspent Uke
  • 4th & 5th Thursdays – NO SESSION

New/old songs for 2nd Thursday Sessions with Denis:

  • Many thanks for bringing new songs and reviving some old songs that have lain dormant in the Songbooks for a long time!  We now have a stash of these to re-visit in Denis’s sessions on 2nd Thursdays.
  • Please hold on bringing new songs/reviving old songs to Thursday sessions until we have got these ones under our belts.  For the next few Thursday sessions, we would like to rock steady with some familiar tunes plus the new/old ones you have already brought along to Denis’s sessions.

Reminders for everyone for all Thursday sessions, including me!

  • Leading songs: If you are going to lead a song, make sure that you have practiced playing and singing it before you get to the session
  • Song arrangements: The simpler the song arrangement, the more likely it is “work” as a “session song”. We have some very good players who are capable of adding all sorts of finesse and flourishes to a song. We love hearing these played but they work better as an occasional “solo spot”. If you are playing at this level then you can probably work out a simpler arrangement so that most people can play along with you. There are some good tips here:
  • Play it again, Sam! Dot has a good ear for the sort of songs that are likely to become popular in sessions. If you get the nod from Dot that it is a “good song”, take the hint and give it a run at another session asap!
  • Practice makes perfect: It might take a few sessions before everyone is familiar enough with a new song for it to settle in and “work”. This applies just as much to well-known songs (when everyone might have a different version playing in their heads) as to less well known songs (when perhaps only the the song leader “knows how it goes”).
  • Give us a clue! You can use the email list to send links to YouTube videos, audio files on SoundCloud, etc. to help familiarise everyone with a new song that you are going to introduce (it helps even more if the recording is in the same key that you are going to use but that is not always possible)
  • Song sheets: You can also use the email list to send song sheets to everyone – but please still bring at least 10 copies on paper when you are introducing a song for the first time.

See this page for more information about Thursday Sessions

Sundays at The Millstone
2:00 – 4:00 unless otherwise stated

  • July 16th
  • July 30th Confirmed!
  • Sept 17th
  • Oct 15th CANCELLED – too many sore throats and laryngitis!
  • Oct 29th
  • Nov 19th
  • Dec 10th * 1:15 – 4:15 * Xmas Party for all Thursday and Sunday players!
  • more dates to follow . . .

Please note: the Sunday Sessions are not suitable for “Beginners”.

For more information about Sunday Uke Sessions and The Millstone see: Sunday Uke Sessions @ The Millstone South Gosforth

The Millstone: website


For the latest information on dates, times and venues for Thursday and Sunday Sessions, please check the Calendar: https://ukes4fun.org.uk/calendar/

(This message will be deleted when the next dates are posted.)

Strum on The Tyne! 12-3 Sat 27 Aug North Shields

Crossing The Tyne Buskers Festival Programme - Strum on The Tyne

Crossing The Tyne Buskers Festival, Sat 27 August

Fundraiser in aid of The Great North Childrens Hospital at the RVI

“Strum on The Tyne” Ukulele Hub

12:00 – 3:00

Old Low Light Heritage Centre
North Shields Fish Quay
Clifford’s Fort,
Fish Quay,
North Shields
NE30 1JA

(Across the road from the Low Lights Pub,behind the Staith House Pub.)

Facebook Event:

Strum on The Tyne Running Order

12:00 Rea Browne – Bluesy Jazz Baritone Uke

12:30 Colin Bourdiec – George Formby Tribute Act

1:00 Heading for Oblivion – Rock ’til you drop!

1:30 Open Stage/Open Mic

Fly solo or with friends!
– Showcase your favourite songs
– Start a singalong
– Do it for a dare!

Up to three songs per slot.
You know you want to!

2:30 Liz Panton – Ukulele Allsorts

Come along to watch or join in the fun!

Free entry for everyone! 

Donations on the day to the The Great North Childrens Hospital – every little helps!

Strum on The Tyne Open Mic

Shuffling shyly towards the Open Mic so far, a fine selection of players from The Seaside Strummers, Bay Ukes, Central Bar Ukulele Players and more!

Just wait until the adrenaline starts flowing and they won’t be so shy – I am bringing a referee to wrestle the mic off you! :-)

To put your name down in advance:

Strum on The Tyne composite 4 851x290

Crossing The Tyne Buskers Festival

Main page for Crossing The Tyne Buskers Festival with full programme of events on both sides of The Tyne and the Ferry!


Only three days to The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival #GNUF2016 — Ukulele Allsorts

The GNUF fun in Huddersfield starts on Friday night with free events! The festival timetable includes free entertainment and at The Head of Steam on the railway station and at the The Sportsman pub. I was more than delighted to get an email from Kris Ball, one of the lovely festival performers and organisers, saying that GNUF […]

via Only three days to The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival #GNUF2016 — Ukulele Allsorts

CANCELLED! 26 May Thursday Session at The Cumberland Arms – but there is some consolation! | @thecumby

Dot has had so many apologies for Thursday from people on holiday or attending other events that we have decided to cancel the session this week.

If you are missing your regular uke-fix, don’t forget that on Wednesday 25th we have a wonderful workshop and concert at The Cumberland Arms!

There are still a few tickets left for the Clawhammer Ukulele Workshop by Aaron Keim. These £20 “full tickets” include free entry to the Concert by “The Quiet American” (Aaron and Nicole Keim) with a special guest appearance by “Danielle Ate The Sandwich”. “Concert only” tickets are only £5!

The Quiet American” and “Danielle Ate The Sandwich” are headlining the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival (GNUF) at Huddersfield this weekend. Many thanks to GNUF for giving us a chance to see them in Newcastle!

2016-05-21 The Quiet American Poster GNUF Tour


Best wishes,


ps. Many thanks also to GNUF for accepting my application to play at the Vinyl Tap Open Mic on Saturday 28th May! I am rather awestruck at being featured as a “Performer” alongside these amazing people!