Ukes4Fun Cumberland Arms 2nd May is UPSTAIRS – access only via ramp at side of pub!

There is a private party in the “Music Room” bar next Thursday so we are meeting upstairs in the Function Room.

Please do not go through the Music Room to use the stairs to the Function Room.

Please use the ramp at the side of the pub that leads to the Function Room fire doors.


To get to the bar, go back down the ramp and into the “Saloon Bar” on the right.


  • Ladies and Gents down the stairs next to the Function Room stage.
  • Gents also through the Saloon Bar.

Directions on from Morrisons, Shields Road to The Cumberland Arms

I have added a link on the home page to a map and directions on

These take you from Morrisons via the pedestrian crossing on the Shields Road Bypass to The Cumberland Arms, avoiding steps if you follow the route as shown here:

>> Morrisons to The Cumberland Arms <<

Follow the link above for detailed info about this route:

  • If you are on the Morrison’s side, cross Shields Road to the big car park opposite
  • Cross the car park and go down the path between the old church and KFC
  • Cross Shields Road Bypass at the Pedestrian Crossing
  • Follow the footpath to the right
  • Turn left down Byker Bank
  • Cross Byker Bank to James Place Street

Map showing pedestrian route as descibed in body of text

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BBQ – Tynemouth Rowing Club 2010

Tynemouth Rowing Club ©SINE Project - select this to view the full sized image at the SINE project
Tynemouth Rowing Club ©SINE Project (Not be confused with the Sailing Club, which is closer to the Priory). Select image to view the full sized image at the SINE project.

Summer BBQ at Tynemouth Rowing Club – Mick needs to know how many to expect so he can organise charcoal, etc. I have already sent more details via the Ukes email list.

If you are on the Ukes email list and have not received my email, maybe it has been gobbled up by your “spam filter”.

You can log in to the Google Group to see the info (date, time, etc.) here:

Here is where to find Tynemouth Rowing Club on Google Maps:,-1.499634&spn=0.116241,0.345383&z=12&iwloc=000488b58438fe03f8c84

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ps. If you get stuck, you can use the contact form on this page to send me a message or use the email address here: