For make glorious music ukulele benefit the whole world and Byker!

It’s Saturday night, I am not out whooping it up or perhaps having even more fun practicing my latest favourite ukulele songs (sigh!). No, I am starting to get very bored with making new songsheets for our sessions . . . and then I found TUSC Songbook 7!

TUSC Songbook 7 cover - wonderful "Borat" artwork!
TUSC Songbook 7 cover - featuring wonderful "Borat" artwork by Steve Power

I can’t stop laughing . . . first at

If you find any errata in this book, keep it to yourself. Criticism will be met with extreme violence.

then at

“The People’s Songbook – for make glorious music ukulele benefit the whole world and Taunton.”

and then I found the Ukephallus Man!

Ukephallus Man from TUSC Songbook
Ukephallus Man from TUSC Songbook

Resisted the temptation to despoil the Angel of The North and went for nicking the TUSC Songbook byline for our Songsheets Index:

Index of Songbooks 1 to 6 with image of Cumberland Arms tabletop by Victoria Lee and TUSC Songbook Byline
Ukes4Fun Songbooks 1 to 6 Index

I will add this as an alternative index page for download as a pdf file on the Ukes4Fun Songsheets Page along with pretty versions of the index pages for each songbook.

Preview! “What Ukulele Players REALLY want to know” eBook by Barry Maz @bazmaz

What Ukulele Players REALLY want to know

A guide, written FOR beginners..


Barry Maz

Published by Barry Maz at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Barry Maz

To new ukulele players everywhere….

Cover photo – Mainland Mahogany Concert Ukulele – photo copyright Barry Maz 2010


I’m Barry, and I’m a ukulele player. Well, actually, I am not just a player. In fact, I have found myself rather obsessed by the ukulele. You see, the little instrument can do that to you, it kind of gets under your skin. Before you know it, it has taken hold and you are stuck. It’s fun though!

I’m actually a guitar player by trade and have been playing for over twenty years, until a few years ago I was re-watching a documentary about a hero of mine, George Harrison. George liked the uke. In fact, that is an understatement, George LOVED the uke. In fact many of his friends are on record pointing out that he actually put the uke higher than the guitar in his affections. He would always travel with two ukuleles, so that if he was playing with friends, he could also pass one to somebody else to join in. I love that story. George had the ukulele bug bad, just like me. In fact, most people I meet who have started playing the ukulele have the same bug…

When I first bought a ukulele, totally contrary to all of my knowledge and good practice with guitars, I assumed the uke was a toy instrument, that it wasn’t very serious. I therefore spent as little money as I could get away with in the hope of having some fun. How wrong I was. You see it turns out that the world is flooded with cheap ukuleles that frankly, don’t play very well. Nor is the ukulele a toy or anything that shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s an instrument and it needs the same thought and attention any other instrument receives. This frustrated me, but I carried on, and bought a slightly better ukulele.

continue reading next 20 pages of preview at
  • Well worth checking out! Written from a UK-uke perspective for beginners. This preview gives a good insight into the content if you are not sure whether it is for you. Bargain price for the full book – Much less than the cost of a pint! If you like his website Baz, invites you to buy him a beer :-)

How to Play Ukuleles for Peace – new book from Ukulele Hunt – proceeds to charity Ukulele For Peace