Washington Ukes

2016-04-28 Biddick Inn

Washington Ukes

Wednesdays 7.00-9.00pm

The Biddick Inn
Bonemill Lane
NE38 8AJ

All ages

Fee: 50p – to cover photocopying

Website: No

Contact: Mary Evans

Email: Spam-protected link: g…@h…o.uk

Thanks to Mary for adding Washington Ukes to the Spreadsheet – see this post:

Ukulele Groups, Clubs, Sessions and Classes in the North East and Cumbria



Find other ukers! List of lists!


Some suggestions to get started connecting with other ukulele players:

Local Clubs and Sessions Lists:

There are lists of Clubs and sessions on many websites and blogs – here are just a few examples:

  1. Curt Sheller: http://www.curtsheller.com/ukulele/clubs/index.php
  2. Got A Ukulele: http://www.gotaukulele.com/p/ukulele-clubs-and-societies.html
  3. Mighty Ukulele: http://mightyukulele.co.uk/index_UkuleleClubs.htm
  4. Ukulele Hunt: http://ukulelehunt.com/2010/03/10/ukulele-clubs-and-groups/
  5. Ukes4Fun (North East and Cumbria only): https://ukes4fun.org.uk/north-east-and-cumbria-uke-sessions-classes-etc/
  6. Ukukee Map and Android App: (added to this list 6 Feb 2015):

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For make glorious music ukulele benefit the whole world and Byker!

It’s Saturday night, I am not out whooping it up or perhaps having even more fun practicing my latest favourite ukulele songs (sigh!). No, I am starting to get very bored with making new songsheets for our sessions . . . and then I found TUSC Songbook 7!

TUSC Songbook 7 cover - wonderful "Borat" artwork!
TUSC Songbook 7 cover - featuring wonderful "Borat" artwork by Steve Power

I can’t stop laughing . . . first at

If you find any errata in this book, keep it to yourself. Criticism will be met with extreme violence.

then at

“The People’s Songbook – for make glorious music ukulele benefit the whole world and Taunton.”

and then I found the Ukephallus Man!

Ukephallus Man from TUSC Songbook
Ukephallus Man from TUSC Songbook

Resisted the temptation to despoil the Angel of The North and went for nicking the TUSC Songbook byline for our Songsheets Index:

Index of Songbooks 1 to 6 with image of Cumberland Arms tabletop by Victoria Lee and TUSC Songbook Byline
Ukes4Fun Songbooks 1 to 6 Index

I will add this as an alternative index page for download as a pdf file on the Ukes4Fun Songsheets Page along with pretty versions of the index pages for each songbook.

Whickham Tune Army Ukulele Club – new venue!

Update: Tune Army disbanded on 10 Sept 2018

Tune Army Ukulele Club is now meeting in the upstairs function room in Ye Olde Lang Jack pub in Whickham:

Ye Olde Lang Jack
48-50 Front St
Newcastle upon Tyne,
Tyne And Wear
NE16 4DT
0191 488 1567
Google map url: http://g.co/maps/7h62b

Many thanks to “Tune Army Jeff” for this update:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the pub, it is at the traffic lights on the left if you are coming from Swalwell direction.

There are no parking facilities but you should be able to park in the council office car park (next to the Bay Horse, boo hiss!) or behind the shops. It is only a matter of yards away.

After much begging and pleading,the Manageress has kindly let us have the room for free, which is very good of her.
As usual, it will be the first monday of the month (except bank holidays) at the usual time.
For up to date information always check the Tune Army Ukulele Club website:  http://tunearmy.blogspot.com/ (Archived blog: Tune Army disbanded 10 Sept 2018)

South Shields George Formby Soc – 1st Meeting Monday July 11th 7:30 South Shields Top Club!

Two generations of George Formby fans start their own George Formby Society Branch in South Shields.

It is the 50th anniversary of his death and the formation of the official George Formby Society.

Both James Bassett aged 7 who is one of the youngest members of the George Formby Society and renowned George Formby impersonator and ukulele teacher Colin Bourdiec have the support of the official George Formby Society to start this branch where the large repertoire of George’s songs will be sung, played and remembered here in the North East.

We anticipate Formby fans coming to the region from far and wide to support this venture.

The first meeting of this new George Formby Society, which will perpetuate the legacy that is George Formby, will be held at the Top Club in South Shields on Monday the 11th July 2011 commencing at 7.30pm and will be held on the second Monday of the month.

All ukulele players and Formby fans are invited.

Colin Bourdiec

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