Starter for 20 – Some Great Uker YouTube Channels!

There are so many fabulous ukers out there on You Tube!  A limitation of this list is that consists of YouTube Channels – not individual videos.  There are some great ukers, and whole genres, missing simply because I could not find a dedicated YT Channel, eg. no Del Ray, very little uke-blues.  The other reason is that I got a bit bored with making lists after the first twenty . . .

But – tell you what – my current favourite uke video is . . .  Brittni Paiva – “Tell U What”:

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Fingers on buzzers! Starter for Twenty . . . 

List some great Uker YouTube Channels  in alphabetical order:

1) Al Wood (Uke Hunt’s “Woodshed”):

2) Baroque Uke (Rob MacKillop):

3) bsef77:

4) Brittni Paiva:

5) Colin Tribe:

6) G.I.G.A.P.U.S. – Girls In Glasses And Playing Ukulele Society:


8) Herman Vandecauter:

9) Howlin’ Hobbit:

10) Ken Middleton:

11) Mark Occhionero:

12) Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer:

13) MsAutumnLeaf:

14) Phil Rowell:

15) Taimane Gardner:

16) Uke Your Mind:

17) Ukulele at its dorkiest (Ukulele Underground’s Aldrine):

18) UkuleleTim:

19) UkeVal:

20) Wilfred Welti:

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