Just started to Uke? Good resources for beginners at “Live ‘Ukulele”

Very comprehensive , well organised site with resources and lessons for all levels – including “new starters”.

Hawaiin-music oriented but don’t let that stop you checking it out if that is not your thing.

Run by couple of young enthusiasts who write well and really know the score!

clipped from liveukulele.com

‘Ukulele for Beginners
As backwards as it might seem, being a beginner at playing music (the ‘ukulele) is one of the fastest levels to progress through. That is, if you work at it. If you don’t feel that you need to go beyond strumming “White Sandy Beach” that’s fine too. My own process was a little unorganized in my opinion, so here is roughly how I would do it over again.
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How to Read Tab

Tablature is an easy and fast way to write out music for stringed instruments. It is very hard to express rhythm with tab, so it is only helpful when you know the song.

clipped from liveukulele.com
First of all, listen to a lot of ‘ukulele music. If you haven’t heard it, you won’t be able to play it. Check out the Recommended Stuff page for a list of my favorite ‘ukulele records