Ukulele Chord Chart PocketMod

The website has some fantastic free resources, including chord charts.

A “PocketMod” is a little 8 page booklet made from a single sheet of paper – A4 (UK) or Letter Size (USA).

I have made a “Ukulele Chord Chart PocketMod” with a program called PagePacker (Mac only).  I tried some other chord charts but the UkuTabs chart printed out much the clearest.

Jonas, who runs the UkuTabs website has very kindly given permission for me to post the sheets here for printing.

1. Instructions for folding and cutting to create a PocketMod:

There is no easy way to describe this.  The official instructions are not necessarily the easiest to follow, so . . . Let Me Google That For You

2. Download pdf: UkuTabs PocketMod – logo on back (layout for pages to fan correctly)

The version with the logo on the back looks wrong but the pages fan correctly.

3. Download pdf: UkuTabs-all-PocketMod – logo on front

This version looks correct but the paging does not work quite right.

(Although these were the clearest chord diagrams that I tried, I still need my reading glasses to see these little charts.  All I need to do now is remember to pack a copy in my uke case along with my specs!  Some people have tried laminating PocketMods – I haven’t, so I don’t know how well that works.)

If you want to make your own PocketMods:

PocketMod was originally invented as a “low-tech PDA” (Personal Digital Assistant).  A quick internet search will reveal many other ideas for uses of PocketMods.  This one suggests a template for self-improvement . . . maybe I will make a version for practicing Bb . . . or maybe I won’t . . .

As you can see from that example, you don’t necessarily need a computer and printer to make a PocketMod – just a piece of paper and something to write with.  There is an origami site that suggests you don’t even need a pair of scissors, as long as you can tear the paper cleanly.

Some “high-tech” PocketMod generators:

  • PocketMod Online and Windows PC versions at (the original site still exists but is not actively maintained so the materials are not up to date – so use instead).  PLEASE NOTE: The option to print to A4 looks as if it is going to work with these tools but it does not – so you need to trim the page after printing.  Fold first and then you will see exactly how much you need to trim.
  • PocketMod Mac Version: PagePacker (the A4 option DOES work using this tool)

7 thoughts on “Ukulele Chord Chart PocketMod”

    1. Hi Greg,

      I am glad you like the site.

      Please let me reassure you that I have not stolen anything from Nice chart that you linked to – but it is not the one that I used for the PocketMod.

      If you look closely at the PocketMod version that I have produced, you will see that every chord diagram is watermarked – not Ukulele-tabs. More obviously, one page shows the Ukutabs logo and another their contact email address. However, I most certainly did not steal anything from either.

      I included the Ukutabs logo and contact details in order to make it very clear who had produced the original art work. I could easily have chopped either or both of these references out, in order to leave blank space for notes. This would have made for a more useful booklet but I did not think it would be the right thing to do.

      As explained in my blog post, I sent Ukutabs a copy of my PocketMod version and asked for permission to post this adapted format of their chord chart. Jonas at ukutabs very kindly agreed. So, absolutely no “stealing” involved.

      I also suggested to Ukutabs that, if they liked this format, that they might consider producing a version in-house, using their original graphics files. This would produce a better result than I have been able to achieve, by my cutting and pasting from the published version of the Ukutabs chart.

      The ukutabs and ukulele-tabs designs are certainly very similar but I have no idea which one came first. Neither do I know whether any copying was involved or whether they came up with similar designs independently.

      In response to your suggestion that I should have created original graphics, rather than used published materials:

      1. Life is just too short!

      2. Why go to all that time and trouble when the generous people at ukutabs are willing to allow sharing of their beautiful designs in this way?

      3. My work is in the spirit of the original idea behind PocketMods. This is to enable to re-formatting of published work into a handy design for personal use and, with permission, for wider distribution.

      Having seen the ukulele-tabs chart, I am not sure that it would be as suitable as the ukutabs chart for making a PocketMod version. The light-on-dark design of the ukulele-tabs chart means that it would use a lot of printer ink. I have not tried printing it but I suspect that the inevitable bleeding of ink with home-printing would also make the result rather blurry.

      If I need to give any credit to ukulele-tabs then I am sure that they will let me know. In the meantime, I think that I have done all that is necessary to ensure that I have not breached any copyright and have given proper credit and thanks to :-)

      ps. Oh dear! On re-reading your comment I think I have misunderstood you and that what you are suggesting is not that I have stolen anything but, instead, that ukutabs stole their design from ukulele-tabs! I really have no idea if this is the case – as indicated above. If there is any dispute between ukulele-tabs and ukutabs about this then I await the outcome and, if necessary, will edit my original post accordingly.


      1. Hi Lizzy, I wasn’t suggesting that you did something wrong, I was pointing out the fact that ukutabs charts are just a reproduction of the ones offered by for ages. ;) Look how they are similar! You’re probably new to uke (welcome then!), that’s why you don’t know which website came first. But the answer is pretty obvious: was created in 2008 while ukutabs was launched in 2012. Anyway, it’s not just about the charts, it’s about Jonas’ attitude, he is pretty much hated by the whole uke community (check this thread, it’s self explanatory:, his website just got removed from the top50 and top100 sites probably because of that. (there were also tons of bad reviews there). So, no, Jonas is not generous at all, he just sucks. Don’t get me wrong, it has nothing to do with your site our your pocketmod, it’s about ukutabs’ crap. FRom what I’ve heard the guys behind are really cool, you should ask them to create new diagrams they would certainly help.
        nb. happy uke’in!
        ps. yes you misunderstood me :p


        1. Hi Greg,

          Many apologies for the delay in approving your comment – I missed the notification of a new comment until now.

          Thank you for taking the time to explain your concerns and also for the link to the UU Forum thread. I read that thread and others linked from it and was shocked to find that unattributed duplication of chord charts is just one of several “content copying” issues identified by various well-known and well-respected site owners.

          I will certainly take up your suggestions of crediting the original authors and contacting the guys.

          Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention and to that of any future visitors to this page.

          Best wishes,


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