Clever monkey! Manitoba Hal Newcastle Workshop – Mailchimp Newsletter!

Gmail can get very sniffy about sending out an email to a bunch of people at the same time.  . . . “Are you a spammer?” . . . NO!  . . . “Well we think you are! Petition us, you wretch, plea for mercy, or we will continue to block you . . . and maybe worse!”

Mailchimp, clever monkey, speaks no such evil!

So now I can send an email update “newsletter” to the folks who have booked on the Manitoba Hal Blues Uke Workshop in Newcastle on 4 June:

Manitoba Hal Workshop Updates - Newcastle 4 June 2014 New edition of Hal's Ukulele Blues Method Book. Book updated for Hal's UK Blues Uke Workshop Tour! Manitoba Hal's Ukulele Blues Method Edition 2, Spring 2014 Hal has updated his Ukulele Blues Method book for the UK Tour. Cost: £10 There will be copies on sale on 4 June immediately after the Workshop - to anyone who wants one, not just workshop participants. The digital version costs £4.99 - for download from Hal's Store on Etsy There will be no workshop handouts. (I think I know why, now!) I must admit that I am rather tempted to by the digital version, to get in a bit of practice before the workshop! If you bought tickets on behalf of others, please do forward this email to your friends in case they have not already received it. Further updates for Workshop Participants to follow as and when I get details (there will be free UK Tour badges, CD's for sale, etc.) Lizzie

The 1st email update has already gone out to everyone who has reserved tickets for the workshop and the Newsletter is on the web is here:

UPDATE 30 MAY: ALL TICKETS NOW SOLD for  Manitoba Hal’s Newcastle Blues Uke Workshop and Performance, Newcastle upon Tyne, 4 June 2014!

2 thoughts on “Clever monkey! Manitoba Hal Newcastle Workshop – Mailchimp Newsletter!”

  1. Hi, in response to your email,I am not a spammer. Honest gov. I am a struggling uke newbie…. Although with the help of your book I can now play 3 chords, and strum to “feeling groovie”. I live in Cumbria so I can’t get along to your evening sessions, but I really appreciate the download. Regards, Sally

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