Chordie Hijack – Part 1 – How to use the Chordie Renderer to format and print your songs

This works – I have tried it.

You need to create simple text files but use “chopro” (ChordPro) formatting – not as difficult as it sounds.

For information about Chopro (ChordPro) formatting see:


Chordie recommends that for the best results you should use the filename extension “.chopro” or “.chordpro” rather than “.txt”. Just rename your file from “songname.txt” to “songname.chopro” or “songname.chordpro”.

The info on Chordie mentions a “Google service” where you can host your files for free. If you use the filename extension “.txt” you can upload your files to Google Docs. You need to make them “public” to let the Chordie Renderer access them (I have not tried this but it should work).

If you use the filename extensions “.chopro” or “.chordpro” you CANNOT upload your file to Google Docs. However, you CAN upload them to a free Google Site, see:


I have tried this using Google Sites and it does work. Here is an example:

Note: This does NOT mean that your song has been indexed by Chordie, ie. if you use the Chordie Search function you will not immediately find your song in the Chordie database. Eventually, Chordie will find your song and it will be indexed.

Next tip: How to “publish” your songs via Chordie, even if they have not been indexed by Chordie.

If you are able to host the song online (there are multiple services, including a Google service, that will do this for free), you can use the Chordie Chordpro Renderer for formatting/printing. Try this syntax:

…just replace the my_server/directory/file with the correct address.

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