Chordie Hijack – Part 2 – How to “publish” your own songs using a Chordie Public Songbook

1. First, make your songsheets and upload them to the internet – see relevant section of “Chordie Hijack” described here:


2. Next, register with Chordie if you have not already done – “It’s free and gives you a personal songbook”:

The “personal songbook” is the key part here. You can create as many “personal songbooks” as you like. You can make a songbook “public” in order to “publish” your songs with chord names and chord diagrams.

3. Log in to your Chordie account.

4. Go to “My Songbook” (blue navigation tab just under the Chordie logo).

5. Select “add book” at the top of the left-hand menu, next to “Songbooks”

6. Give your songbook a name. ***Do NOT leave this blank or you will not be able to edit or manage your songbook***

5. Use the “Chordie Hijack” to submit a song to the Chordie Renderer:


6. Look down the menu on the right for “Songbook: ADD”. Change to the correct songbook if necessary, then select “ADD”.

7. Do this for at least two more songs as you need to have at least three songs in your songbook before you can “publish” it.

8. When you have finished, go back to “My Songbook”, select the songbook you want to publish and customise the settings. These settings will apply to the whole songbook. For example, specify the sort order and instrument. (If you change the instrument you need to select “Change” after you have specified the instrument).

9. Select the “publish” button next to, “Make songbook available to everybody”

10. Use the dialogue box that you see next in order to:

  • rename your songbook, if you want to rename it;
  • specify the “collection” for listing in “Public Songbooks”, eg. “Blues”, “Uke collections”;
  • write some notes to be displayed about your songbook.

If you are able to host the song online (there are multiple services, including a Google service, that will do this for free), you can use the Chordie Chordpro Renderer for formatting/printing. Try this syntax:

…just replace the my_server/directory/file with the correct address.

NOTE: Your file name does not need the extension “.chopro” – it could be “.pro” or “.txt” or “.CRD” – but it must be a “plain text” file using “Chordpro” formatting.

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