Music Man – Happy Birthday Ukulele Song for George Welch

New members might not know George Welch, or that most of the more experienced players at Ukes4Fun sessions started off playing the ukulele because of George, as members of George Welch’s Ukulele Allstars and/or the original Misspent Uke band.

George stepped back from running midweek sessions in 2009. However, he provided support, encouragement and practical help in re-establishing a ukulele session, as “Ukes4Fun”, at The Cumberland Arms late that year and has since helped to set up other ukulele sessions in the North East.

One of the most popular pages on this site is George’s clearly written and beautifully illustrated guide for beginners, The Ukulele First Step, that he kindly donated to Ukes4Fun.

Stuck for what to give George for his birthday this year, I decided that I would write him a ukulele song.  The chords are C, F and G and I hope that you enjoy playing along to the video below.  The words and chords are shown on-screen and there is a link to download the songsheet underneath.

Download songsheet pdf: Music Man – George Welch

I am sure you will all join me in wishing George well and hoping that he is in better health soon. He is still doing some gigs locally so drop in and see him if you get the chance and want to hear some wonderful music and song!

George’s website:

Best wishes,

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