Some Songbook and Chordpro Tips

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Liz Panton

Ukulele Allsorts

Linkesoft songbook WindowsIn case it helps anyone else, some extracts from recent email correspondence about Songbook from Linkesoft and Chordpro aka Chordii formatting.

Where there are references to a “PC” this applies equally to a Mac or any other operating system. Similarly, “iPad” is interchangeable with “iPhone”. I have no experience of the Android version but I assume that things will be much the same.

If anyone spots any errors in what I have posted here, please do leave a comment with the correct information!

I have put songbook app on my tablet and got the usual ‘Greensleeves’ demo. I was wondering:

1. How you get all the songs in word documents on my PC converted to Chordpro (do you have to download songbook for windows and work on your PC and move the songs across to the tablet?)

2. Have you got to use Dropbox or can you just move songs…

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