Ukes4Fun Workshops and Events eNews

Dated: 19/09/2014 Del Rey one of the worlds leading Uke players , pictured before taking part in a workshop at The Cumberland Arms in Byker Newcastle

Del Rey Workshop 2014  – Photo ⓒ Keith Perry

If you came to the Manitoba Hal or Del Rey Workshops last year then you will be familiar with “Ukes4Fun Workshops and Events eNews”.

This is a MailChimp eNewsletter that we send out with notice of new events. Once you have signed up for a specific event, we also send out any updates in a special eNewsletter for participants.

  • You do not need to attend Ukes4Fun sessions to come along to these events

The eNewsletters are fancy pieces of work – see the Manitoba Hal eNewsletter.

The actual “eNews sign up form” page was very boring though – so I have jazzed it up!

Take a look – hit the “Join Our Mailing List” Button on this page and sign up if you want to go on the eNews Mailing list:

Do pass that link on to anyone else who you think might be interested!

ps. Del Rey might be coming back to do another workshop and performance later this year!  If she does (fingers crossed!) we will send out more info to everyone on the eNews mailing list.

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