The Sage Ukulele Classes – now on Wednesdays!

Great news – The Sage has moved the adult ukulele classes from Thursday to Wednesday, in order that people can attend both The Sage classes and Ukes4Fun!

Dates and times for the Sage classes starting in September are in the clips below, with links to further details. (The “Absolute Beginners Uke” classes on 25 and 26 Sept are sold out already, I am afraid.)

I could not find a page with details of the “Silver Ukuleles” dates and times but it says on The Sage website:
“Silver Ukuleles – there are different groups and workshops available for the varying standards of Ukulele players. Any enquiries or questions please phone (0191) 443 5034 or contact

The “Silver Programme” classes and events are for the “over-50’s” and the adult classes are for all ages.

Sally Kat, Head of Learning and Participation Business Development at The Sage Gateshead, has just taken over managing our Adult learning programme. She has been in touch to say that she’d, “love to find a way of us working together, so that people can play the uke in as many different ways and places as possible. With regard to the focus of our classes, they are very much geared towards “teaching” the uke i.e learning chords (with the proper names) and technique as well as building confidence and repertoire. I think this might be quite different in feel to the sessions you offer and hopefully would complement your sessions rather than competing – which is what I am trying to achieve!”

Sally and Ian McKone, Ukulele Tutor, hope to be able to come along to one of our sessions soon, to meet us and have some uketastic-fun!

Some of you might also know Ian in his capacity as wizard-fiddler and ace-acoustic-guitarist and all-round good chap. Though he has nicked my Uke-Chords Crib-Card, so I think he might find that he owes me a pint of Rapper.

Amplify’d from
Beginner Ukulele

Beginner Ukulele

Wednesday 22 September 6:30 pm
Venue: Music Education Centre

Uke Troupe

Uke Troupe

Wednesday 22 September 7:30 pm
Venue: Music Education Centre


Silver Ukuleles – there are different groups and workshops available for the varying standards of Ukulele players
Any enquiries or questions please phone (0191) 443 5034 or contact silver@thesagegateshead.orgRead more at

4 thoughts on “The Sage Ukulele Classes – now on Wednesdays!”

  1. hi,
    do you still run a daytime class for beginners ?
    just brought my first uke and would like to get togeather with other begginers



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