Simply amazing! Don’t miss the 2014 Grand Northern Ukulele Festival! @northernuke

GNUF 2014 logo

The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival (GNUF)
13 – 14 Sept 2014

* Free Festival Fringe: free fringe events start on Friday night, 12 Sept, at the GNUF Festival Pub, the Head of Steam (on Huddersfield Railway Station)

Performances, Workshops, Fringe events . . .

  • There are still day and weekend tickets left for the main festival. Some workshops have sold out but not all of them – yet!
  • Good timetabling! Only workshops with the same start-time clash – and no workshops clash with the main stage.
  • Amazing value for money when you look at what is included in the programme!
  • Don’t miss out! Some people have been looking forward to this all year! (This video is my entry to the GNUF competition to get an upgrade to a posh seat for the main stage events).

Some handy links:

  1. GNUF 2014 Home Page:
  2. GNUF FAQ: Those Q’s and A’s are very useful!
  3. GNUF 2014 Main Stage Performers Details:
    Compered by HEIDI BANG TIDY:
    – The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
    – Del Rey
    – Andy Eastwood
    – Zoë Bestel
    – The Tricity Vogue All Girl Swing Band
    – The Mersey Belles
    – The Anything Goes Orchestra
    – The Mother Ukers
    – Krabbers
    – Chonkinfeckle
    – EEK!
    – Vonck & Vlam
    – Some Like it Ossett
  4. GNUF 2014 Workshops: (also further info below at 11. GNUF Workshop Tickets)
  5. GNUF 2014 Programme Overview: LOTS of information on that page!
    (Full details will be in the printed Programme from Friday 12th at the Festival Venues below)
  6. GNUF 2014 Quick Reference Sheet pdf:
  7. GNUF Fringe from Friday night (Free events! No Tickets needed!):
    Fringe events include performances by
    – Ukulelezaza
    – Phil Doleman
    – Dead Mans Uke
    – Lionel Hubert
    – Peter Moss & others.

    Other fringe events – free pop-up events, workshops and fun with

    – Michael Adcock
    – Professor Eek
    – Ukulele Bitchslap
    – RINGO Music Bingo
  8. GNUF venues, the town, accommodation, parking:
    Main Stage and most workshops: Huddersfield Town Hall
    Festival Pub (from Friday night): Head of Steam (on Huddersfield Rail Station)
    Fringe at the Head of Steam and Vinyl Tap Records (opposite the station)
  9. GNUF 2014 Songbook pdf (there will be “strumalongs” at various times and places)
  10. GNUF 2014 Festival Tickets:
    Full Weekend Tickets (£39)
    Other tickets – if you are not booking for the whole weekend:
    Super Saturday Day Ticket (£29)
    Sunday Service Day Ticket – includes the UOGB Concert (£29)
    Sunday – Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain ONLY – (£23)
  11. GNUF Workshop Tickets:
    (You need a Festival Ticket as well if you want to go to a workshop.
    All the workshops are an hour long).
    There are 3 different types of workshops:
    Music Playing Workshops: £16 each
    Performing Workshops: £16 each
    Making Things Workshops (including cost of materials): £30 each
    Workshops planner
  12. GNUF (Northern Uke) Facebook Page
  13. GNUF on Twitter @northernuke
  14. GNUF 2014 Workshop Previews by Barry Maz (of
  15. GNUF 2013 Reviews by Barry Maz
    GNUF 2013 Diary Day 1:
    GNUF 2013 Diary Day 2:
  16. And another thing! How the heck did I forget this one!
    GNUF 2014 Grand Bazaar!

If the Festival itself was not wonderful enough, Huddersfield Town Hall, St George’s  Square and the railway station are staggeringly beautiful!

Huddersfield has almost 3,000 listed buildings, according to Kirklees Council, one of the highest concentrations in England. The neo-classical railway station is Grade I listed and is one of 221 listed buildings in the town centre. More images at: BBC News Huddersfield Listed Buildings.

I am really looking forward to this! :-)


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