Ukes4Fun Songbook 9! Another ten songs for ten singers!


Songbook 9

You can download Songbook 9 by selecting the image above or by going to main “Songsheets” page (there is lots of other info about the Songbooks on that page, so have a look if you haven’t visited it before).

As with Songbook 8, I am trying to share out the uke-lurve by including as many different singers as possible in each song book.  Apologies to those who have not yet been included in Songbooks 8 or 9 – your time will come as soon as you have sent or approved the song files.

  • 1. Ain’t That a Shame – Megs
  • 2. At The Hop – Jazzy
  • 3. Blackpool Belle, The – Denis
  • 4. Heart and Soul – Lizzie
  • 5. Hello Mary Lou (F) – Brian
  • 6. He’s Got You – Keith
  • 7. King of the Road – Charlie
  • 8. Stupid Cupid – Terri
  • 9. Sweet Honey in the Rock – Andy
  • 10. Teenager In Love – Karl

Many thanks to Andy, Brian, Denis and Jazzy for providing copies of some of these arrangements – it makes my job much easier!

If you spot any typo’s or errors, eg. in terms of deviating from the way we play these songs, they will be of my doing – and please do let me know so that I can correct them.

Songsheets Alphabetical Index

This is the updated alphabetical index of Songbooks 1 – 9 (pdf download)

This next bit is almost the same as in the post about Songbook 8:

The song sheets are provided collated into songbooks – but you do not need to file them as songbooks.  In fact, this might slow you down when you are searching for a song during a session.

Some people file the song sheets alphabetically, some group them by singer. Either of these methods is likely to be more useful than keeping them filed as separate songbooks. If you want to file some songs by their “popular” name rather than their real name – go ahead. Do whatever works best for you.

When someone leads a song: they are encouraged to call out the name of the song before launching into it and also to allow a little time for people to locate the song sheet.  However, they will rarely mention what songbook a song is in.  This is very likely because they do not know what songbook it is in!  They will most probably have learned the song before it got into a songbook. They may not need to use a song sheet themselves.  They might just be a bit rattled or shy about leading the song and, in the heat of the moment, forget to call out the name.  Whatever, someone somewhere will shout out the name and possibly the songbook reference – it might be you!

The alphabetical index should help you to locate a song sheet quickly if you decide to keep the sheets filed in separate songbooks.

“Portrait” vs “Landscape” pdf files for printing

All of the songbooks are in Landscape format only.  When asked, this was what most members wanted.

I know some members would prefer a “portrait” format, so I have done a separate blog post about some quick ways to make “portrait” song sheets with chord grids included automatically:
Free and easy online tools to make song sheets with automatic chord grids | @ukegeeks | ukulizer |

If you already know how to to do this, you can download the simple files saved here: Ukes4Fun Songsheet txt files

Songsheet Apps

Some members use apps on iPads, Android devices, etc. to store song sheets.  The format of individual songs needs to be a bit different to work well with the various apps.  For example, it saves space with paper copies if the chorus is NOT repeated in full every time.

  • It is not really necessary to repeat the chorus in full every time on one side of a sheet of paper
  • just marking where the choruses fall it makes it a LOT easier to keep the whole song on one side of a sheet whilst also maintaining a reasonable font size.

Unfortunately, this “space saving” causes problems if the original file in txt/pro/chopro/chordpro format is imported into an app. 

  • If you have tried it, you will know that you have to keep scrolling backwards and forwards if you need to see the chorus in full every time it comes around.

Starting with this Songbook, I will also post files “optimised” for importing into apps – they are not ready yet so watch this space!  In the meantime, you can download the files saved here – they will work with mobile apps but are not “optimised” for mobile apps: Ukes4Fun Songsheet txt files

PLEASE DO USE these files in sessions,
rather than importing random versions sourced from Chordie, other Uke websites, etc.

Why? Because even if you transpose a random “found song” to the right key:

  • verses and choruses might be in a different order
  • the lyrics might be different (common with well-known or “traditional” songs)
  • there might be more or fewer chord changes
  • individual chord changes might be VERY different

Remember too that there will always be people “following hands” because they do not have access to a song sheet.  If you are referring to a song sheet (printed or on a mobile device) then they will tend to assume that you are playing the right version – so are likely to start following your hands. (Scary, eh!?)

  • Using the right version is obviously even more important if you are invited to play at a gig.

Learning songs

If you always rely on song sheets, try choosing a simple song that you like and then use the song sheet to practice it at home.  Singing along, even under your breath, will help you to remember where the chord changes fall.

It is OK to have the song sheet handy as a “prop” if you need it during a session – but after a bit of practice, see how much you can remember. Just peek if you need to! You might surprise yourself.

The great thing is that the more songs that you learn, the easier it gets – and the more fun it is! Honest!

Best wishes,


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