Sunday Ukes Session is moving from The Biscuit Factory to The Millstone Pub, South Gosforth!

Bidding farewell to the Biscuit Factory . . . So long, and thanks for all the cakes . . .

Dot is sending a “Thank You” card to Ramy Zack, owner of the Biscuit Factory Art Gallery, for all his support over the last six years.

Many thanks also to The Millstone Pub, South Gosforth, for offering alternative accommodation at the drop of a hat on Sunday.

Some people turned up at The Biscuit Factory after everyone else had left to go to The Millstone.  Many apologies for the disappointment and the wasted journeys but the need to relocate was unexpected and without prior notice.  The Biscuit Factory has contacted Dot and passed on the phone numbers of those who left them.

Information on new dates and times for Sunday Ukes @ The Millstone to follow . . . watch this space!

The Sunday Ukes Session/Jam will be held in the John Middleton Function Room on the 1st Floor.

Hadricksmill Rd
South Gosforth
Tyne and Wear

Tel: 01912853429

Maps, Directions and more info: Millstone Website


Also check out The Millstone on Facebook  – you do not need to log in to Facebook to see this page.

Best wishes,

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