Second Flash Folk North East Gathering – Sat 13th July – High House Farm Brewery, Matfen


12:00 – 21:00, Saturday 13th July 2013

High House Farm Brewery
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE20 0RG
(near Matfen, Northumberland)

Link to RSVP via Facebook – you will need to log in to Facebook to see this event:

If you do not have a Facebook account then please email Jack Burness / Mike Orchard at: (follow link to see spam protected email address)

Current info about this event on the Facebook Group (check Facebook for any updates):

“An afternoon and early evening of free folk and acoustic music.

Simultaneous sessions and sing around’s from noon until 16:30.

Then from 16:30 – 18:00 a Flash Folk Concert featuring 3 song floor spots from a selection of our sing around and session players.

After the concert a sing around with anyone, and everyone who wants to stay and join in until 21:00. We suggest you bring fold up chairs with you if you have any just in case.

More about the venue is available at:

On Facebook:
Join Flash Folk Gathering North East Group:

Go to the event here:

Selecting the appropriate “Join”, “Maybe”, or “Decline” tab”

About the Flash Folk Gatherings North East Facebook Group:
(Info as of 7 July 2013 – please check Facebook for any updates)

“The Group has been created with a view to encouraging live “Flash” acoustic folk events at different locations yet to be detailed throughout the North East. These will be mainly at weekends, outdoor when possible during the summer months. It is hoped that we may extend them to the winter months as well, though they will obviously need to be indoors.

Feel free to view, and please join if you are interested in being involved, or taking part in up and coming events, either as a performer, or as audience.

If you are interested in running a workshop of any kind during, and at an event, please message, either Jack Burness, or Mike Orchard, directly, and we will get back to you to discuss it in detail.

Joining the group will help keep you informed as to progress, and future events as they are arranged.

If you know of anyone who is interested in the group, but not on Facebook, they may still register with us via email to: (follow link to see spam protected email address)

Please note that this group is not a sales platform for any kind of sale of goods from anyone. All sale’s post will be quickly removed from the group’s timeline, as may the individual responsible for it.

Equally the group timeline is not to be used to advertise any other venues, or events. To be absolutely fair there will be no exceptions.

Existing members may invite, or add new members to the group, but for security reasons the groups administrators are ultimately responsible for the groups membership.

Please note that no fees, or charges will be paid to, or accepted by anyone, for any performances, or appearances, at or in association with, or the planning, and organisation of any Flash Folk Events. There will be no exceptions to this.”

Group Moderators: Jack B. Burness and Mike Orchard

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