UPDATES – Thurs 7th and Sunday 10th June!

Thursday 7th June – The Cumberland Arms – 6:00 til . . . ?

Misspent Uke and mates are playing during the day with Lucy Falkenau (banjo) and Karl Barlow (bass) from The Attic Band at a charity gig Karl has organised at the Sleekburn Woodfuel Centre.

They expect to make it back to The Cumberland Arms, tired but happy, in time for a 6:00 start.  However, they also expect to peg-out about half time – so the rest of you will have to make it up as you go along after that :-)

(I won’t be at either Sleekburn or The Cumberland Arms as I have got a nasty bug and will be coughing and spluttering my way back to bed in a minute, dammit!)


Sunday 10th June – NO session at The Biscuit Factory:

Misspent Uke and friends are also playing at the Jubilee Garden Party at St Gabriel’s Church, Heaton on Saturday 6th June, so would like the day off on Sunday – so no Sunday session at The Biscuit Factory this week.


Ah! Memories . . .  three lovely Ukettes – Niccola, Sara and Heather – snapped by Allen after performing “Mr Sandman” at the October 2011 Misspent Uke and Friends gig at St Gabriel’s Church.

Niccola, Sara Dennis and Heather with ueks and big bows in their hair like Mickey Mouse ears
Niccola, Sara Dennis and Heather
Misspent Uke and Friends
St Gabriel’s Church, Heaton, October 2011

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