Songsheet Generator v1.5.2 for Mac and Java released – fixes problem with chord definitions

Good news – this means you can use version 1.5 for Mac and Java with the chord definitions supplied by Stewart Greenhill:

Info on Stewart’s blog:

Chordpro chord definitions for Ukulele

I prepare my ukulele arrangements in chordpro format, and create songbooks using Songsheet Generator. Recent versions of the software have a ukulele mode which allow four-string chords to be printed, rather than the usual six. To get this to work, check the “Ukulele mode” box under “Options -> Chords/Grids”. I put together a database of ukulele chords for use with the program. To install, just download the “chordrc” file to the same folder as the Songsheet Generator program.

On the Mac the file is named com.tenbyten.SG02.chordrc and it lives in your ~/Library/Preferences folder, where ~ is your home directory.

Quotes from

Songsheet Generator

A program for easily printing and displaying song sheets


Version 1.5 for Mac OS® X + the Java(TM) platform

Version 1.5.2; August 2010 Fixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed a problem with in-song chord definitions that appeared in version 1.5.1.

Copyright © 1995-2010,
Ten by Ten Software.
Note: the contents of this document apply only to the Mac OS X and Java platform versions of Songsheet Generator. For information about the Microsoft Windows® version, please see the Songsheet Generator web site.

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