Sunday July 25th – Session at Holy Biscuit instead of Biscuit Factory

This will be a slightly more formal session as there will be an audience, George will be struttin’ his stuff and we will be the “backing band”

If you want to join in, please turn up about 12:30 so George so George knows numbers and seating can be sorted. The session will start at 1:00

If you just want to mosey around the event then turn up whenever you like

Sat 24th 6:00 – 8:00 – Concert – George will be doing a set:

Entrance fee: Adults £5; Kids £2

clipped from

2 DAYS of FOLK & ART at Holy Biscuit, 24/25 July

2 DAYS of FOLK & ART at Holy Biscuit, 24/25 July

A few of us lot here at The Biscuit Tin and The Biscuit Factory Studios present a great weekend at The Holy Biscuit (Shieldfield, Newcastle). July 24th & 25th. CONCERT SATURDAY 6-8pm Joanne McIver & Christophe Sauniere / George Welch. £5. FREE ART SHOW with musicians 11am-6pm both days.

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


Tickets: £5 (£2 for kids) from The Biscuit Factory Reception or by calling Andy on 07962 202 805

Other Musicians playing during the free art exhibition:
Ukulele AllStars

Jack Burness & Robin Dunn
Digital Art Demo by Io Zarate

Barry Fox
Helen Grierson
Andy Hull
Shaun Parkin
Naomi Walker
Olwyn Williams
Sarah & Fiona, Glassworks
George Welch
Suzanna Zarate

2 thoughts on “Sunday July 25th – Session at Holy Biscuit instead of Biscuit Factory”

  1. Hi again
    Thanks for your reply about Kevin Parsons still cant find his web page i knew he had one because i once seen it how is George Welch keeping? by the way i am the bloke who played a little bit of uke with you at Crissis last week and i loved it thanks again.
    Arthur Renwick


    1. Hi Arthur,
      The website that had Kevin’s ukes on it seems to have closed – this is from the web archive but I couldn’t find a way to get to the old page with the ukuleles:

      Kevin’s ukes were sold through “Dave of England” (Dave Brewis) who was then in Gateshead (don’t know if he is still in Gateshead) and the Rock Star Guitars website belonged to Dave and his partner in the USA. This is the “contact us” page on the old website:

      If you want to email your contact details to me then I can pop round and give them to Kevin.

      Glad you enjoyed the Crisis gig – I was the woman who had to work late and only got there as the applause ended for the last number ;-(

      Best wishes,


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