Del Rey! Return of the Resonator Queen! Wed 2 Sept Newcastle upon Tyne

Delray workshop poster final web

Wednesday 2nd Sept 2015
The Cumberland Arms
James Place Street, Byker
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Performance: £5
Ukulele Workshop: £13
(includes Free Entry to Performance!)

Performance Tickets:
Workshop Tickets:

UKULELE WORKSHOP: 18:45 – 20:00
(Doors Open 18:30)
Introduction to Fingerpicking the Blues

Level: You are comfortable with first position chords able to keep in time changing between them.

Working in GCEA tuning, Del will teach a song that incorporates

  • blues licks
  • rhythmic effects
  • unusual chord changes
  • picking techniques.

Get your right hand picking on a great old Papa Charlie Jackson ragtime blues, “Mama Don’t You Think I Know”.

The workshop will give you an introduction to right hand fingerpicking and to what makes a melody “blue”.

You will learn a song (by ear – no tab).

YouTube Playlist: Del Rey Plays and Teaches Ukulele


“Del Rey is one of the greatest modern players of the metal-bodied resonator guitar.”
Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Whilst known for her amazing instrumental skills … it should not be overlooked that she always provides a very entertaining show, full of variety, drama and humour.”
Blues In Britain

“Del Rey is one of the most sublime modern guitarists.“
La Hora del Blues Barcelona

Del will be playing her Ron Phillips custom resonator parlour guitar and ukulele.

For more information about these beautiful instruments see

YouTube Playlist: Del Rey Plays and Teaches Guitar

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Next Sunday Ukes! Aug 23 1:00 – 3:00, Sept 13 and 27 2:00 – 4:00 The Millstone | @MillstoneSthGos

The next Sunday sessions are:

  • Aug 23rd    1:00 – 3:00 (change from usual time!)
  • Sept 13th    2:00 – 4:00
  • Sept 27th   2:00 – 4:00
  • more dates to follow . . .

More Info:

For calendar updates and more information about Sunday Uke Sessions and The Millstone see: Sunday Uke Sessions @ The Millstone South Gosforth

The Millstone

The Millstone

For info about the Thursday sessions at The Cumberland Arms 6pm – 8pm, see: Thursdays @ The Cumberland Arms Byker – and more! (This blog post will be deleted when the next Sunday Ukes reminder is published).

Chordie web site tips

Liz Panton (Ukulele Allsorts):

Reblogged from “Ukulele Allsorts”, where I am keeping my “nerdy stuff” now!
Liz Panton

Originally posted on Ukulele Allsorts:

2015-07-13 Chordie Forum

“About Chordie:

Guitar chords and guitar tablature made easy. Chordie is a search engine for finding guitar chords and guitar tabs.”

And, of course, ukulele chords and tabs.  If you have not come across Chordie before, read the Chordie FAQ and all will be revealed!

If you are having problems using Chordie, then you can post a question in the Chordie Forum in the “About Chordie” section.

A few days after my last blog post (Some Songbook and Chordpro Tips) I answered a question on the Chordie Forum that covered similar ground plus the confusion that arises when someone asks in the Chordie Forum about features of “Songbook” or “My Songbook”:

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Some Songbook and Chordpro Tips

Liz Panton (Ukulele Allsorts):

Reblogged from “Ukulele Allsorts”, where I am keeping my “nerdy stuff” now!
Liz Panton

Originally posted on Ukulele Allsorts:

Linkesoft songbook WindowsIn case it helps anyone else, some extracts from recent email correspondence about Songbook from Linkesoft and Chordpro aka Chordii formatting.

Where there are references to a “PC” this applies equally to a Mac or any other operating system. Similarly, “iPad” is interchangeable with “iPhone”. I have no experience of the Android version but I assume that things will be much the same.

If anyone spots any errors in what I have posted here, please do leave a comment with the correct information!

I have put songbook app on my tablet and got the usual ‘Greensleeves’ demo. I was wondering:

1. How you get all the songs in word documents on my PC converted to Chordpro (do you have to download songbook for windows and work on your PC and move the songs across to the tablet?)

2. Have you got to use Dropbox or can you just move songs…

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Sunderland Ukulele Clubs News!

First, a NEW ukulele club starts up on May 6th – “Steamin’ Ukes” at the Dun Cow!
Plus some changes for “Hylton Ukes” (The Club Previously Known As “Ukes4U“).

Steamin’ Ukes

Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month starting 6th May, 1:00pm to 3:30pm in the upstairs music lounge - Dun Cow SR1 3HA  Bring your ukulele and enjoy a couple of hours playing, singing and sharing expertise with like-minded folk - abilities welcome from beginner to Jake Shimabuku! Emphasis is on the enjoyment of playing the ukulele!

  • Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month starting 6th May
  • 1:00pm to 3:30pm
  • Upstairs music lounge – Dun Cow SR1 3HA
  • Free!

“Steamin’ Ukes” has been set up by Charlie Lally – a stalwart of Ukes4Fun (Newcastle) and Tune Army (Whickham).  Charlie also set up “The Wild Ukes of Wanny” club when he lived in Ashington.

Charlie, who has recently moved to Seaburn, says, “Bring your ukulele and enjoy a couple of hours playing, singing and sharing expertise with like-minded folk – abilities welcome from beginner to Jake Shimabuku!  Emphasis is on the enjoyment of playing the ukulele!”

Charlie has got some good publicity for the new club in the Sunderland Echo, where he says, “There’s a ukulele club which meets in Hylton Castle, but that’s an evening club. I thought it would be great to have an afternoon club for older people with some time on their hands.  It’s mainly for players to spend a couple of hours sharing tips.”

Contact: Charlie Lally (spam protected): U…@h…

Hylton Ukes

Name change: The Ukulele Club previously known as “Ukes4U”!  No changes to times, dates or venue – just a name change.

Contact details change: Alf Scott, Hylton Ukes organiser, also has a new email address (spam protected): a…@y…

For more info about Hylton Ukes, see previous posts: Hyton Ukes

For information about many other clubs and sessions in the North East and Cumbria, see:

Ukes4Fun Workshops and Events eNews

Dated: 19/09/2014 Del Rey one of the worlds leading Uke players , pictured before taking part in a workshop at The Cumberland Arms in Byker Newcastle

Del Rey Workshop 2014  – Photo ⓒ Keith Perry

If you came to the Manitoba Hal or Del Rey Workshops last year then you will be familiar with “Ukes4Fun Workshops and Events eNews”.

This is a MailChimp eNewsletter that we send out with notice of new events. Once you have signed up for a specific event, we also send out any updates in a special eNewsletter for participants.

  • You do not need to attend Ukes4Fun sessions to come along to these events

The eNewsletters are fancy pieces of work – see the Manitoba Hal eNewsletter.

The actual “eNews sign up form” page was very boring though – so I have jazzed it up!

Take a look – hit the “Join Our Mailing List” Button on this page and sign up if you want to go on the eNews Mailing list:

Do pass that link on to anyone else who you think might be interested!

ps. Del Rey might be coming back to do another workshop and performance later this year!  If she does (fingers crossed!) we will send out more info to everyone on the eNews mailing list.

Manitoba Hal Wed 20 May Newcastle upon Tyne! Tickets flying out of the door! @mbhal | @thecumby | @northernuke

3/4 of the £12 “Workshop + Performance” tickets sold in less than 7 days!

MH flyer - poster v5-620x877Manitoba Hal “The Ukulele Blues Man”
Wed May 20th

Workshop 6:00 – 7:00: “Learn Any Song by Ear”
Performance 7:30 – 8:15: “Blues Ukulele”
The Cumberland Arms
James Place Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Workshop only: £10
Performance only: £3
Workshop + Performance: £12!

-> More information <-

Book a place now!

 -> RSVP Ticket Form <-

There are lots of other videos on Manitoba Hal’s YouTube Channel and

“Learn Any Song by Ear”

The most popular vote by far was,
“I would be happy with any of the workshops!”

“Learn Any Song by Ear”
won by a narrow margin over “Slide Ukulele”.

  • Have you ever heard a song and really wanted to play it but couldn’t find chords online?
  • Or found chords only to feel that they weren’t correct?

In this workshop you will learn how to figure out the chords and rhythm to any song you can hear – using only a cheap chromatic tuner and a “circle of fifths” in the handout.

There will be some music theory involved but nothing too difficult to remember.

* Suitable for all ukuleles and all skill levels.

Also, see this blog post from last year – Hal’s last workshop was fully booked.  The way tickets are flying out the door for this one, “back by popular demand” is putting it lightly!

Whether you are getting yourself revved up for this workshop or just want a great primer on how to play Blues Ukulele – see Manitoba Hal’s “Ukulele Blues Method Book“! Hal revised this for his UK Tour last year – hopefully he will be bringing more copies along this time!

As last year . . .

Manitoba Hal’s UK Tour has been organised by those wonderful, groovy people behind Northern Uke – the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival!

GNUFlogoBWbHal is one of the amazing ukulele artists and tutors appearing at:

GNUF 2015 in Huddersfield

Sign up for Ukes4Fun Workshop and Events eNews here: