We banished our butterflies with Mike Hind! @thecumby

Wonderful workshop and performance by Mike Hind on Wednesday 30 Sept!

From Stage Fright to Spotlight!  Here are Mike and some of the participants who banished their butterflies!

Who thought we were joking when we called for Mike to do “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the ukulele?

After the show, an impromptu treat in The Cumberland Arms Beer Garden!  Iain Glencross aka Hawaiian Shirt Racer“,  previously the most stage-frit man on the planet, undertook a six-hour round trip by motorbike to come to the Mike Hind night – and aren’t we glad that he did!

Not forgetting lovely Lalya Gaye, who provided soothing ukulele-themed sounds from the Hello Montoya DJ Collective and then was first up in the spotlight to tackle her stage fright!

Kay Mortimer was next up, quickly corralling Michael Grant, also from The Angel Delights Ukulele Club in Wooler, to join her on stage – and didn’t they do well too!

Many thanks to everyone for making this such a great night! 

Thanks also to:

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Liz Panton

From Bermuda to Byker – MIKE HIND! Wed 30 Sept Newcastle upon Tyne | #ukulele @thecumby

mike hind poster v3 border 600x424 Mailchimp webWed 30 Sep 2015
The Cumberland Arms
James Place Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

6:45 – 7:45 WORKSHOP (Doors 6:30)
8:15 – 9:15 PERFORMANCE!  (Doors 8:00)
9:15 Raffle

*No Booking Fee*

£15: Workshop + Performance
£5: Performance-only

Paper tickets for cash only at
Thursday and Sunday Ukes4Fun Sessions

Take your chance of a place on the night!
Check this page to see if we are sold out in advance!

WORKSHOP:  6:45 – 7:15 (Doors 6:30)

Banish the Butterflies! From Stage Fright to Spotlight!
(Max attendance: 30)

Move away from your living room
   . . . to playing solo in front of people
             . . . to open mic
                    . . . to performing!

Mike will cover how to:

  •     gain confidence
  •     overcome stage fright
  •     write a set list
  •     have fantastic stage presence
  •     and interact with your audience

    Plus teach you some gimmicks you can adapt to suit your style!

“A fantastic performance workshop that’ll give you the tools for creating a dynamic stage presence.”
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Mike Hind 30 Sept | Aldrine Guerrero 14 Oct! | #Newcastle #ukulele @thecumby

Mike Hind and Aldrine blog

Both events will be upstairs at The Cumberland Arms, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne – more info about exact timings and tickets to follow – but here is everything you need to know about Mike and Aldrine!

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Del Rey Played Newcastle – and won our hearts! @thecumby

Another wonderful workshop and fantastic performance by Del Rey at The Cumberland Arms on Wed 2nd September!

Keith Perry very kindly took group photo’s before the Ukulele Workshop and Aaron Tucker snapped away indoors!

There were over forty people at Del’s guitar and ukulele performance – the biggest turnout so far!

Some of the comments posted online, from people who travelled from across the north east and Cumbria:

“Went to see Del Ray at The Cumberland Arms in Byker the other night. I thought it was brilliant.  Mesmerising”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it last night . . . Del Rey, what a talented lady and a good sense of humour!! Looking forward to next year and finishing my “homework!!”

“What a great night!”

“Truly awesome – you had to be there!”

Many thanks to everyone who took video and uploaded it to YouTube – especially to Paul Hurrell, who not only captured Del’s “Workshop Highlights” but all of her performance!

If your video is missing from these Playlists, please leave a link in a comment and I will add it:

Del Rey Plays and Teaches Ukulele:


Del Rey Places and Teaches Guitar:


More Del Rey Links:

Del Rey Website: http://delreyplays.com/

Del Rey Tutorial CDs on Homespun:

Del Rey Performance CDs:

Memphis Minnie:

One Mic Stand – Advice on playing more music with less sound equipment:

Finally, many thanks to Del and to everyone else who made this event happen: to Aaron Tucker for creating the event posters, Dennis Bell and Tommy Stephenson for helping on the night, The Cumberland Arms for the venue – and Newcastle Kingsmen Rapper Team for letting us have their usual practice time in the venue – and to everyone who came along and made this such a memorable and inspiring night!

Liz Panton

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Del Rey! Return of the Resonator Queen! Wed 2 Sept Newcastle upon Tyne

Delray workshop poster final web


Wednesday 2nd Sept 2015
The Cumberland Arms
James Place Street, Byker
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Performance: £5
Ukulele Workshop: £13
(includes Free Entry to Performance!)
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Ukes4Fun Workshops and Events eNews

Dated: 19/09/2014 Del Rey one of the worlds leading Uke players , pictured before taking part in a workshop at The Cumberland Arms in Byker Newcastle

Del Rey Workshop 2014  – Photo ⓒ Keith Perry

If you came to the Manitoba Hal or Del Rey Workshops last year then you will be familiar with “Ukes4Fun Workshops and Events eNews”.

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ps. Del Rey might be coming back to do another workshop and performance later this year!  If she does (fingers crossed!) we will send out more info to everyone on the eNews mailing list.

Manitoba Hal Wed 20 May Newcastle upon Tyne! Tickets flying out of the door! @mbhal | @thecumby | @northernuke

3/4 of the £12 “Workshop + Performance” tickets sold in less than 7 days!

MH flyer - poster v5-620x877Manitoba Hal “The Ukulele Blues Man”
Wed May 20th

Workshop 6:00 – 7:00: “Learn Any Song by Ear”
Performance 7:30 – 8:15: “Blues Ukulele”
The Cumberland Arms
James Place Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Workshop only: £10
Performance only: £3
Workshop + Performance: £12!

-> More information <-

Book a place now!

 -> RSVP Ticket Form <-

There are lots of other videos on Manitoba Hal’s YouTube Channel and manitobahal.com

“Learn Any Song by Ear”

The most popular vote by far was,
“I would be happy with any of the workshops!”

“Learn Any Song by Ear”
won by a narrow margin over “Slide Ukulele”.

  • Have you ever heard a song and really wanted to play it but couldn’t find chords online?
  • Or found chords only to feel that they weren’t correct?

In this workshop you will learn how to figure out the chords and rhythm to any song you can hear – using only a cheap chromatic tuner and a “circle of fifths” in the handout.

There will be some music theory involved but nothing too difficult to remember.

* Suitable for all ukuleles and all skill levels.

Also, see this blog post from last year – Hal’s last workshop was fully booked.  The way tickets are flying out the door for this one, “back by popular demand” is putting it lightly!

Whether you are getting yourself revved up for this workshop or just want a great primer on how to play Blues Ukulele – see Manitoba Hal’s “Ukulele Blues Method Book“! Hal revised this for his UK Tour last year – hopefully he will be bringing more copies along this time!

As last year . . .

Manitoba Hal’s UK Tour has been organised by those wonderful, groovy people behind Northern Uke – the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival!

GNUFlogoBWbHal is one of the amazing ukulele artists and tutors appearing at:

GNUF 2015 in Huddersfield

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