Xmas Ukes at The Cumberland Arms and The Millstone | @thecumby | @MillstoneSthGos

Thursday 19 Dec at The Cumberland Arms 6:00 – 8:00 as normal!

Dot has confirmed that the possible Plan B mentioned last week is not happening, so it is business as usual (possibly plus some mince pies courtesy of The Cumberland Arms?)

Sunday 22 Dec at The Millstone 2:00 – 4:00 party time!

  • No mince pies on the house, as far as we know, so it is a “bring and share” event.
  • The room is available until 6:00 so no need to rush off if you want to hang around a while longer.
  • Everyone who comes along on Thursdays is always welcome to come to the Sunday Sessions.

If you have not been on a Sunday before then you might meet some new friends who can only come along on Sundays.More info about the Sunday sessions here: https://ukes4fun.org.uk/sunday-uke-sessions-millstone/

The Sunday sessions are NOT every week.  Dates for the New Year will be added to the Calendar on that page as and when The Millstone confirms dates with Dot.

Best wishes and – if you are not able to get along to either The Cumberland Arms or The Millstone  – Happy Uking Xmas! :-)

Lizzie X

ps. Here are some previous posts with Xmas Uke Song Sheets:

Rollin’ in My Sweet Baby’s Arms – midst a heap o’ ukes at The Cumberland Arms!

Another fine session – and another fine video with thanks to Jazzy Lemon.

“Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms by the Monroe Brothers (1936) – later released by Flatt & Scruggs, Buck Owens etc…”

Charlie Lally

Great Ukes4Fun session with Richard G of ScorpexUke http://www.scorpexuke.com/uktrip.html

Great session yesterday at The Cumberland Arms with Aussie visitors Richard Gibson, of Scorpex Ukesongs and the very posh-sounding – but clearly wild and wonderful – Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society, and the lovely Wendy.

We presented Richard with a copy of our Songbook, so he can learn some Geordie songs and take them back doon-under.  Luckily for them, the sun is shining on them today in the North East as they explore roots in the area.

There were some photos, as well as drink, taken at the session so I will post them on the Ukes4Fun blog as soon as I get my hands on them. In the meantime, here is one I nicked from the AUAS website:

Richard Gibson – AUAS gig

Best wishes to Richard and Wendy from us all as they continue on their travels: http://www.scorpexuke.com/uktrip.html

A great pleasure too to see Marie Little again at the session, wowing us with her fabulous singing, beautiful Baritone Uke and wicked sense of humour.

Fiona was on holiday and missed all the fun.  Many thanks to our stalwart reserve bass-player, Karl Barlow, for keeping us in time – and for “Teenager In Love” and “Yakkity Yak!”.   Lucy Falkenau, one of Karl’s partners in crime from The Attic Band, led some fab new songs for us with her big ole’ banjo.

We were also delighted to offer a very warm welcome to members of the Tune Army Uke Club, who joined with us in greeting Richard and Wendy and raising the roof at the Cumberland last night!

Lizzie X

ps. Lovely to see Ritchie again too! Bring your flippin’ uke next time, you daft ‘apporth!

UPDATES – Thurs 7th and Sunday 10th June!

Thursday 7th June – The Cumberland Arms – 6:00 til . . . ?

Misspent Uke and mates are playing during the day with Lucy Falkenau (banjo) and Karl Barlow (bass) from The Attic Band at a charity gig Karl has organised at the Sleekburn Woodfuel Centre.

They expect to make it back to The Cumberland Arms, tired but happy, in time for a 6:00 start.  However, they also expect to peg-out about half time – so the rest of you will have to make it up as you go along after that :-)

(I won’t be at either Sleekburn or The Cumberland Arms as I have got a nasty bug and will be coughing and spluttering my way back to bed in a minute, dammit!)


Sunday 10th June – NO session at The Biscuit Factory:

Misspent Uke and friends are also playing at the Jubilee Garden Party at St Gabriel’s Church, Heaton on Saturday 6th June, so would like the day off on Sunday – so no Sunday session at The Biscuit Factory this week.


Ah! Memories . . .  three lovely Ukettes – Niccola, Sara and Heather – snapped by Allen after performing “Mr Sandman” at the October 2011 Misspent Uke and Friends gig at St Gabriel’s Church.

Niccola, Sara Dennis and Heather with ueks and big bows in their hair like Mickey Mouse ears

Niccola, Sara Dennis and Heather
Misspent Uke and Friends
St Gabriel’s Church, Heaton, October 2011

So long, and thanks for all the chocolates!

It was fond farewells last Thursday, it being Anil’s last session before he heads back to India and then off to Germany after graduating from Newcastle University.

Anil, Jo and Lizzie and Ukes4Fun

Anil, Jo and Lizzie - not a chocolate in sight!

Anil has promised to let us know how he gets on trying to find uke-sessions on his travels – or if he ends up starting new groups himself.

Anil said to thank everyone for the wonderful time he has had at Ukes4Fun – and we thank him for the chocolates (I should have taken a photo of them but they miraculously disappeared before I had a chance!)

Biscuit Factory Sunday Ukes Sessions resume 4th Sept | Ukes4Fun as normal on Thursdays at Cumberland Arms

Ukes Sunday Session at the Biscuit Factory Summer Break:

  • there is no session Sunday 23rd July –  tomorrow
  • Sunday Sessions at The Biscuit Factory resume Sunday 4th September
  • Ukes4Fun Thursdays at The Cumberland Arms continue – no peace for the wicked :-)

Found on Twitter – Dot’s Birthday at Ukes4Fun at The Cumberland Arms!

Ukes4Fun Session Cumberland Arms July 2011

Ukes4Fun Session | Cumberland Arms July 2011