Plain text chordpro Ukes4Fun Song Sheets are now on Dropbox

The plain text versions of the songsheets in chordpro format are handy if you want to:

  • add the song file to a mobile app, eg. Linkesoft Songbook
  • edit, print or display the song using a Desktop program, eg. Songsheet Generator
  • you don’t know me but you want to nick my song files!?  Feel free – we all do it!


  1. Linkesoft Songbook iOS Guide (and other platforms)
  2. Songsheet Generator Help

Download from Dropbox:

Ukes4Fun Songsheet files (plain text, chordpro format)


ps. If you are looking for the pdf files with the chords above the line, they are here: Ukes4Fun Songsheets

pps. You might find these tips handy:
Some Songbook and Chordpro Tips