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Ukes4Fun Blog and Website

The blog posts are mostly updates about Ukes4Fun sessions and songbooks, news about other uke sessions in the area plus occasional forays into whimsy and info from the wider ukeniverse.  (The most frequent blog posts are reminders about dates and times for the Sunday sessions, as these sessions are not every week.  Unless they contain other information that does not go out of date, I delete these posts when they are out of date.)

There are navigation links to other pages, to important blog posts, to whole categories of posts and to external sites.  They move around when the blog “theme” changes so it is best if I just say: look around and you will find them.

Other info about Ukes4Fun that was previously on this page has been moved to: Ukes4Fun Facts

There are contact details on this page: Ukes4Fun: Who-What-Where-When-Why?

Wondering who writes this stuff?

Ukes4Fun Web Monkey

Happy uking, have fun and Plink No evil, Plonk No Evil, Strum No Evil!


Last updated: 1 January 2022

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