Ukes4Fun Song Sheets use the real names for chords, ie. how they sound on a ukulele tuned G-C-E-A, not what those chord shapes would be called if you were playing them on a Baritone ukulele or a Guitar.

There are 10 Song Sheets in each Song Book. They look all nice and tidy in songbooks but I like to break up the books and file the songs alphabetically. This makes it easier for me to find individual song sheets quickly during sessions.

If you prefer to keep the Song Books intact, the Song Sheets Alphabetical Index should help you to find a song quickly.  The code before each song tells you which SongBook (SB) it is in and the SongSheet number in that book. eg. SB01-01 = Song Book 01, Song Sheet 01.  There are links further down the page for downloading pdf files of the index in either portrait or landscape format.

List of song sheets in current Song Books:

(this is just a list of songs, the links to download the Song Books and the Alphabetical Index to print are further down the page)

  • SB-Sheet – Song
  • SB07-01 Act Naturally
  • SB09-01 Ain’t That a Shame
  • SB05-01 All I have To Do Is Dream
  • SB08-01 All My Loving
  • SB09-02 At The Hop
  • SB09-03 Blackpool Belle, The
  • SB07-02 Blaydon Races
  • SB04-01 Blue Eyes Cryin’ In the Rain
  • SB02-01 Blue Suede Shoes
  • SB02-02 Born To Be Wild
  • SB01-01 Bring It On Home To Me
  • SB05-02 Bring Me Sunshine
  • SB04-02 Bye Bye Love
  • SB07-03 Daisy A Day
  • SB01-02 Did I Shave My Legs For This
  • SB08-02 East Virginia Blues
  • SB04-03 Eight Days A Week
  • SB03-01 Everyday (Slade)
  • SB02-03 Feel like making love
  • SB03-02 Feelin’ Groovy (59th St Bridge Song)
  • SB05-03 Fever
  • SB06-01 Five Hundred Miles
  • SB05-04 Folsom Prison Blues
  • SB04-04 Fool’s Paradise
  • SB06-02 Green Door
  • SB07-04 Gypsy Rover
  • SB01-03 Hard Times
  • SB-09-04 Heart and Soul (Sheedy Frost)
  • SB05-05 He’ll Have To Go
  • SB06-03 Hello Mary Lou (C)
  • SB09-05 Hello Mary Lou (F)
  • SB09-06 He’s Got You
  • SB04-05 Hesitation Blues
  • SB01-04 Hi Ho Silver Lining
  • SB04-06 High Hopes
  • SB06-04 Hotel Yorba
  • SB03-03 I Recall A Gypsy Woman
  • SB02-04 I Saw Her Standing There
  • SB08-03 I Still Miss Someone
  • SB02-05 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
  • SB06-05 I’ll Get You
  • SB06-06 I’m a Believer
  • SB06-07 I’m into something good
  • SB03-04 In My Life
  • SB02-06 It’s All Over Now
  • SB05-06 Johnny B Goode
  • SB04-07 Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life
  • SB07-05 Keep Your Feet Still
  • SB09-07 King of the Road
  • SB02-07 Last Thing On My Mind
  • SB02-08 Last Time, The
  • SB05-07 Lean On Me
  • SB01-05 Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
  • SB06-08 Looking Back
  • SB04-08 Mack The Knife
  • SB05-08 Oh Carol!
  • SB02-09 Peaceful Easy Feeling
  • SB05-09 Pencil Full of Lead
  • SB03-05 Quark Strangeness And Charm
  • SB07-06 Ramblin Boy
  • SB03-06 Rock Around The Clock
  • SB08-04 Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
  • SB08-05 Roseville Fair
  • SB08-06 Run For Home
  • SB01-06 Sailor
  • SB03-07 San Francisco Bay Blues
  • SB03-08 See You Later Alligator
  • SB01-07 Singin’ The Blues
  • SB03-09 Singing In The Rain
  • SB07-07 Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ Level 1
  • SB07-08 Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ Level 2
  • SB07-09 Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ Level 3
  • SB03-10 Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
  • SB06-09 Stepping Stone
  • SB09-08 Stupid Cupid
  • SB09-09 Sweet Honey in the Rock
  • SB01-08 Take These Chains
  • SB09-10 Teenager In Love
  • SB04-09 These Boots Are Made For Walking
  • SB02-10 Three Little Birds
  • SB04-10 To Make You Feel My Love
  • SB01-09 Under the Boardwalk
  • SB08-07 Walking After Midnight
  • SB05-10 Wanderer
  • SB08-08 Watching Scotty Grow
  • SB01-10 Wild Side Of Life (Honky Tonk Angel)
  • SB08-09 Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  • SB07-10 Wish They’d Do It Now
  • SB08-10 You Won’t See Me
  • SB06-10 Your Cheatin Heart

Song Sheets Alphabetical Index Downloads:

Landscape A4: Download pdf  Ukes4FunSongBooksIndex-SB01-SB09

The “Borat-style” stuff is inspired by, ie. shamelessly nicked from, the TUSC Songbook.

SongBook Cover Downloads:

Download pdf Ukes4Fun Songbooks Fancy Covers for Songbooks 1 to 6 (more recent songbooks already have fancy covers)

All the covers for songbooks 1 to 6 are in the file above. They look like this:

Ukes4Fun Songbook 1 ~ Fancy Cover
Ukes4Fun Songbook 1 ~ Fancy Cover

SongBook Downloads:

Download: Ukes4Fun Songbook 1

(PDF Landscape – songs updated April 2012: Singin’ The Blues)

  • 1. Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke)
  • 2. Did I Shave My Legs For This (Deana Carter)
  • 3. Hard Times (Stephen Foster)
  • 4. Hi Ho Silver Lining (Jeff Beck)
  • 5. Little Ole Wine Drinker Me (Josh Ritter)
  • 6. Sailor (Petula Clark)
  • 7. Singin’ The Blues (Marty Robbins)
  • 8. Take These Chains (Hank Williams)
  • 9. Under the Boardwalk (The Drifters)
  • 10. Wild Side Of Life (Honky Tonk Angel) (Hank Williams)

Download: Ukes4Fun Songbook 2

(PDF Landscape – songs updated April 2012: I Saw Her Standing There, It’s All Over Now, Peaceful Easy Feeling)

  • 1. Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley)
  • 2. Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf)
  • 3. Feel like making love (Bad Company)
  • 4. I Saw Her Standing There (Scousers)
  • 5. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Bob Dylan)
  • 6. It’s All Over Now (The Rolling Stones)
  • 7. Last Thing On My Mind (Tom Paxton)
  • 8. Last Time, The (Rolling Stones)
  • 9. Peaceful Easy Feeling (The Eagles)
  • 10. Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)

Download: Ukes4Fun Songbook 3

(PDF Landscape – songs updated April 2012: Everyday [Slade])

  • 1. Everyday (Slade)
  • 2. Feelin’ Groovy (59th St Bridge Song) (Simon & Garfunkel)
  • 3. I Recall A Gypsy Woman (Don Williams)
  • 4. In My Life (John Lennon)
  • 5. Quark Strangeness And Charm (Hawkwind)
  • 6. Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley and His Comets)
  • 7. San Francisco Bay Blues (Eric Clapton)
  • 8. See You Later Alligator (Bill Haley and The Comets)
  • 9. Singing In The Rain (Gene Kelly)
  • 10. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness (Nanci Griffith)

Download: Ukes4Fun Songbook 4

(PDF Landscape – songs updated April 2012: Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain; Fools’ Paradise; Hesitation Blues; Mack The Knife; To Make You Feel My Love)

  • 1. Blue Eyes Cryin In Rain (Fred Rose – Willie Nelson)
  • 2. Bye Bye Love (The Everly Brothers)
  • 3. Eight Days a Week (Lennon & McCartney)
  • 4. Fool’s Paradise (Buddy Holly)
  • 5. Hesitation Blues (One of many versions)
  • 6. High Hopes (Paulo Nutini)
  • 7. Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life (June Carter)
  • 8. Mack the Knife (Kurt Weill)
  • 9. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (Nancy Sinatra)
  • 10. To Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan, Adele)

Download: Ukes4Fun Songbook 5 (PDF Landscape – April 2012)

  • 1. All I have To Do Is Dream (The Everly Brothers)
  • 2. Bring Me Sunshine (Morecambe and Wise)
  • 3. Fever (Peggy Lee)
  • 4. Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
  • 5. He’ll Have To Go (Joe and Audrey Allison, Artist: Ry Cooder)
  • 6. Johnny B Goode (Chuck Berry)
  • 7. Lean on Me (Bill Withers)
  • 8. Oh Carol (Neil Sedaka)
  • 9. Pencil Full of Lead (Paolo Nutini)
  • 10. Wanderer (Dion/Status Quo)

Download: Ukes4Fun Songbook 6 (PDF Landscape – April 2002)

  • 1. Five Hundred Miles (I’m Gonna Be) (The Proclaimers)
  • 2. Green Door (Marvin Moore & Bob Davie)
  • 3. Hello Mary Lou (Ricky Nelson)
  • 4. Hotel Yorba (The White Stripes)
  • 5. I’ll Get You (Beatles)
  • 6. I’m A Believer (Neil Diamond, Artist – The Monkees)
  • 7. I’m Into Something Good (Herman’s Hermits)
  • 8. Looking Back (Dr Feelgood)
  • 9. Steppin’ Stone (I’m Not Your) (Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart, P’Uke
  • version)
  • 10. Your Cheating Heart (Hank Williams)

Download: Ukes4Fun Songbook 7 (PDF Landscape – July 2012)

  • 1. Act Naturally (Russell & Morrison)
  • 2. Blaydon Races (Geordie Ridley)
  • 3. Daisy A Day (Jud Strunk)
  • 4. Gypsy Rover (Leo McQuire)
  • 5. Keep your feet still (Geordie Wilson)
  • 6. Ramblin’ Boy (Tom Paxton)
  • 7. Somewhere Over The Rainbow ~ Level 1 (Harburg & Arlen)
  • 8. Somewhere Over The Rainbow ~ Level 2 (Harburg & Arlen)
  • 9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ Level 3 (Harburg & Arlen)
  • 10. Wish They’d Do It Now (B. H. Janssen)

Download: Ukes4Fun Songbook 8 (PDF Landscape – January 2014)

  • 1. All My Loving (Lennon/McCartney)
  • 2. East Virginia Blues (Traditional)
  • 3. I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash/Dolly Parton)
  • 4. Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (Ricky Skaggs)
  • 5. Roseville Fair (Bill Staines)
  • 6. Run For Home (Lindisfarne)
  • 7. Walking After Midnight (Patsy Cline)
  • 8. Watching Scotty Grow (Bobby Goldsboro)
  • 9. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Dot Kirton Version)
  • 10. You Won’t See Me (Lennon & McCartney)

Download: Ukes4Fun Songbook 9 (PDF Landscape – January 2014)

  • 1. Ain’t That a Shame (Fats Domino)
  • 2. At The Hop (Danny & The Juniors)
  • 3. Blackpool Belle, The (Broadbent & Smith)
  • 4. Heart and Soul (Sheedy Frost)
  • 5. Hello Mary Lou (F) (Ricky Nelson)
  • 6. He’s Got You (originally “She’s Got You” Patsy Cline)
  • 7. King of the Road (Roger Miller)
  • 8. Stupid Cupid (Howard Greenfield & Neil Sedaka)
  • 9. Sweet Honey in the Rock (Kris Drever)
  • 10. Teenager In Love (Dion and The Belmonts)

(If anyone spots any mistakes in the songsheets or they are not how we play them, please let me know. Lizzie)

NOTE: If you want copies of the individual songsheets as txt files in CRD-type format, they are all here on Dropbox (2015-09-13 Link updated – used to be on Google Sites. You do NOT need a Dropbox account to download these files).

ps. An easy way to make your own songsheets, with chord names above the words and with chord grids, is to use txt files like those mentioned above with a free program called “Songsheet Generator”:

You can download a free add-on file that will generate grids for all ukulele chords:

UPDATE: Jan 2014  See this post for two free ways to make song sheets online

pps. April 2012 ~ Bringing songs to sessions and how to get your songs added to future songbooks:

If you want to “try out” a new song at one of the sessions, it does not need to be in a Song Book already.

  • Try it out in different keys – some alternative keys will “work” and will keep the original sense of the song, some alternative keys will seem to change the meaning, perhaps in a way that you like, while other keys will make the song sound all wrong. If the song was written for the guitar then the original key might not work on the ukulele and a different key might sound better.
  • Practice it at home until you are ready to have a shot in public, because you will be leading the playing and the singing.
  • Bring along at least 10 copies for other people and/or send a file by email to the Ukes Google Group. (Not everyone is on email though).
  • Tell Dot before the session starts that you have a song that you want to try out.

If your song is played regularly then it would be really helpful to include it in a Song Book.

  • Please email your song file to me with the “chord letters” in square brackets, in-line (NOT above the line) – email Email address icon info AT ukes4fun dot org dot uk
  • If you take your song off, for example, select “Chopro” (next to the Print button) and then copy and paste the song sheet into a text editing program – or straight into the email.

The file you send to be included in a Song Book should look something like this:

{t:Ukulele Lady}

{st:Ethel Merman}


{c:VERSE 1:}

If [G]you [G/F#]like a [Em]ukulele [D]lady

[G]Ukulele [G/F#]lady like a [Em]you [D]

If [Am]you [Am7]want to [D]linger where it’s shady

[Am]Ukulele [D7]lady linger t[G]oo

If [G]you [G/F#]kiss a [Em]ukulele [D]lady

[G]While you promise [G/F#]ever to be [Em]true [D]

And s[G]he see another ukulele lady fool around with you

{c:VERSE 2:}

[C]Maybe she’ll sigh, [G]maybe she’ll cry

[A7]Maybe she will find somebody else

[D]By and [D7]by

To [G]sing [G/F#]to [Em]when it’s cool and [D]shady

[G]Where the tricky [G/F#]wicky wackies [Em]woo [D]

If [Am]you [Am7]like a u[D]kulele lady

[Am]Ukulele [D7]lady like-a y[G]ou

I cannot use your song file for a Song Book it if it looks like this:

Even with all the chords nicely in-line and in square brackets, I still need to spend quite a bit of time getting the rest of the formatting sorted out. So I would be very grateful for your help and cooperation with this.

Be aware that Song Sheets on Chordie, and elsewhere on the internet, are often wrong in places, ie. rather than just a different interpretation or arrangement. Problems often come to light after a song has been played a while at sessions. Some of the sheets in our Song Books will be wrong in places – sometimes because a slightly different arrangement has evolved over time. I revise the song sheets from time to time to try to bring them up to date and I am always grateful for help proof-reading, so please let me know if you spot a mistake or a need for updating. (I might curse, but it will be at myself, not you!)

Finally, many thanks to Charlie, Andy, Nick, Niccola, Denis and Jazzy for contributing individual song sheets and for helping to iron out the bumps and crinkles in various versions of song sheets found on the internet. Rita also helped me a lot, by simplifying some unnecessarily complicated song sheets and kicking many over-fussy passing-chords into touch, and I miss her clever ear for the bones of the melody!

Songbook format info – from 2nd May 2011

Page Format and Font:

The A4 Landscape versions proved more popular than portrait. They can be cut up and stored in an A5 binder to save space on the tables – and leave more room for beer!

Lots of members, myself included, had problems reading the previous versions, due to the lethal combination of low lighting and elderly eyes. Some people also had problems printing the earlier versions that had the chord names in colour – the chord names just disappeared.

The trial of alternative fonts resulted in a preference for APHont. So all the existing songbooks were updated and all songsheets, old and new, are now available only in Landscape, black print only, in APHont on this site.

If anyone wants my txt files to make different versions, please feel free to download them from Dropbox: Ukes4Fun Songsheet txt files (2015-09-13 Link updated, from Google Sites to Dropbox)

I am sure that there will be some mistakes and glitches in the songsheets – if any Ukes4Fun members spot anything that needs correcting, please let me know. The more proof-readers the better!

Please also join the Ukes Google Group if you would like to help make new songsheets:

You can find out when the Songbooks have been updated by subscribing to email and/or rss updates to this website.

29 thoughts on “Songsheets”

  1. 2 May 2011: Songbooks 1 to 4 now available in APHont (for easier reading) Landscape format (to take up less space) – see links on page above.

    Songbook 4: some song-sheets are still in draft form but, what the heck, I will post updates when they are finalised – Songbooks 5 and 6 are waiting in the wings :-)

    Best wishes,


  2. Update Sept 3rd: Songbook updates Sept 3rd

    Songbook 1:

    “Did I Shave My Legs For This” – words updated to Dot’s version

    “Wild Side of Life (Honky Tonk Angel)’ – Missing Chorus added after verse 3

    Songbook 3:

    “See You Later Alligator” – Key changed to C and intro updated.

    “Singing In The Rain” – verses 3 and 4 removed.


  3. Good site lizzie, and getting better by the minute… which does n’t surprise me one iota.

    you are more than welcome to ‘take’ any music from ‘our’ Tune Army songbooks.


    1. Cheers Ritchie! :-) Charlie brought some of the Toon Army Songbooks along last Thursday – very impressive!

      I have got quite a few corrections to make to the ones I have already published here and a back-log of new ones to add.

      ps. We all miss you, Wild Thing :-)


  4. Songbook updates:

    1) “Bye Bye Love” removed – I used the wrong version. It will go back in when we have got it right.

    2) “I Recall a Gyspy Woman” added (Charlie)

    3) “In My Life” added (Andy)

    4) “Wild Side of Life (Honky Tonk Woman)” added (Dot)


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