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All the Ukes4Fun Songbooks are in “Landscape” format.  If you prefer “Portrait” format, here are a couple of free, easy online tools to make song sheets for printing in portrait format:

  • both tools produce chord grids automatically
  • neither of them require you to start with “ChordPro” formatted text
  • but to make Ukes4Fun song sheets, please use these “ChordPro” files: Ukes4Fun Songsheet txt files,

Update: January 2017

Jim Carey’s Ukulele Songbook Site

Check out Jim Carey’s website. He has about 2,000 songs with ukulele chords. You can download these as a complete songbook as as individual sheets.

More relevant here, Jim has incorporated the Ukegeeks Song-A-Matic Online Editor into the site (see below). This means that you can “tweak” any of these songs before printing, e.g. transpose the key, edit the lyrics, change the chords, move the chords and so on.

Original post:

Ukegeeks Song-A-Matic Online Editor


“Uke Geeks is a set of free ukulele song editing tools that convert “plain text” lyrics and chord names into easy-to-read songsheets with clear chord diagrams (“fingering charts”) and provides you lots of customization options. So, rather than reading this boring description why not test drive the editor?”

This is one of several clever tools developed by a very modest, funny and artistic guy called Buz Carter, who describes himself on his Twitter @ukegeeks profile as, “A beginning uke player, a bit obsessed with pushing an open standard for exchanging ukulele music, with just enough free time to do something about it.”

With the Ukegeeks Song-a-Matic tool you do not need to format your song text in “ChordPro” format, eg. with chord names inline in square brackets.  There is an option for you to copy and paste text with the chord names above the line and Song-A-Matic will convert it for you.  The results of an automated conversion will NOT be perfect!  You will need to check and edit the output – but it is quicker than starting from scratch.

There is a detailed “User Guide” on the Ukegeeks Project Blog and also a neat way to explore features via a “Sample Songbook”.  This is NOT a real songbook: select the first song and a pop-up box will give you some information about how the Song-A-Matic online editor works and invite you make changes.  If you then go back and Select the next “song” there is no automatic “pop up”: select the “Edit” button to make it appear.

There are lots of options for the appearance of song sheets, paper size, etc.  Select the “Options” cog wheel to see them.

When you have created a song sheet you can print it out and/or save the pdf file onto your computer. What you CANNOT do is save the song sheet on the Ukegeeks website.

The Ukulizer


The Ukulizer is the place for ukulele songs with chords. You will find both Swedish and English ukulele music. (NB: There are French songs now too). But the page is more than a song archive. The purpose of the Ukulizer is to offer you the opportunity to work with songs in many different ways”

Upload a new song  You may upload either ChordPro formated songs or songs in plain standard two line chord/text format. The Ukulizer will analyze your song text and try to make the most of it. See the text under the upload box for a brief introduction to the ChordPro format.”

As with Song-A-Matic, the results of an automated conversion from “two line chord/text format” to “Chordpro” format will NOT be perfect!  You will need to check and edit the output.

One BIG difference between Song-A-Matic and the Ukulizer is that you save your song sheet onto the Ukulizer website.  You can then go back can print it out as many times as you like.  You can also send a link to other people, come back to your song later to edit it, or transpose and print it in a different key, etc.

I have used The Ukulizer to share a couple of songs online and I would STRONGLY advise:

  • Do NOT include the song key in the song title!
  • BOOKMARK your song IMMEDIATELY if you ever want to find it again!!!

A link to your song will turn up on the “Unfinished Songs” page.  The Ukulizer is a very useful but VERY messy website – have a look at the “Unfinished Songs” page to see what I mean.  You will NOT want to wade through all that mess to find your song sheet again – even a “page search” is tricky for popular songs.  So, do BOOKMARK your song, email a link to yourself, do whatever you do to nail a webpage down and stop it slithering out of your grasp forever!

I read somewhere that the website owner does not plan to tidy up The Ukulizer site. You can also see that questions on the “Feedback” page have gone unanswered for some time.  Nevertheless,

  • The Ukulizer is a VERY handy way to make, print and share song sheets with the minimum of fuss!
  • But do NOT trust it as permanent “web archive” for your song sheets!

Ukes4Fun Song Sheet Files

  • Download the simple text files in ChordPro format that are used to make Ukes4Fun song sheets from here Ukes4Fun Songsheet txt files
  • Copy and paste the contents of a file into Song-A-Matic or The Ukulizer to make a “portrait” format song sheet.
  • The chord changes are already in the right places in these files and there is no conversion to “ChordPro format”
  • Do however look out for this string of characters within a file: {np}
    {np} is a command that will force a new page:

    •     delete it if it messes up your portrait print out;
    •     add it in if you want to force a “new page” somewhere.

Other Free, Online Song Sheet Making Tools

There are other free, online tools for making Song Sheets.  However, I have not found any that are as QUICK and EASY to use as these two and that ALSO produce chord grids AUTOMATICALLY.

  • Have you tried and would recommend another online tool that is quick, easy to use and produces chord grids automatically?
  • There is a “Comments Box” below where you can add your twopenn’orth – so please do :-)

And finally – “Songsheet Generator” and “Tab Compressor”

There are also free programs and apps to download that do a similar job to Song-A-Matic and The Ukulizer, ie. they are not “online”.  My weapon of choice – free to try and cheap to buy – is Songsheet Generator,  which can produce portrait songsheets as well as landscape.

Songsheet Generator uses an extended “ChordPro” format and I have just found another very handy, free, online tool – “Tab Compressor” – that converts “two line” song sheet text into “ChordPro” format!

Tab Compressor” by “Ukeskywalker” (Andy Stein)
(NB: This is a great tool but it is for working with chord-based song sheets rather than what is normally meant by “tablature“).

Tab Compressor: This tool compresses “standard” chord tablatures so that the chords and lyrics appear on the same line.  This allows for easier viewing and less page turning on smart phones, tablets, and e-Readers.  Just copy and paste any “standard” tab in the box below and click the “Compress Tab” button.  The compressed tab is output further below.”

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    This is an old blog post from the site that I run for Ukes4Fun. “The Ukulizer” seems to have been pretty much abandoned – the site came up as “Temporarily Disabled” today. However, The UkeGeeks site and Jim Carey’s Songbook site are still very much alive and kicking and well worth a visit!


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