“The Summer Wind” – something for the summer break?

Here is a lovely laid-back summer song to relax to:

“Summer Wind” on ukulele, double bass and harmonica, all played by Floyd Amason, multi-instrumentalist!

Play-along here on “Chordify – The Summer Wind“:

I wouldn’t swear to it, but I think these chords below work for this version – could do with some judicious simplifying!

Song sheet with chord grids posted on “The Ukulizer – The Summer Wind“:

“The Summer Wind” by Hans Bradtke & Henry Mayer (English lyrics by Johnny Mercer)


{c:VERSE 1:}

The [D]summer [Dmaj7]wind came [Cdim]blowin' [B7]in a[Em7]cross the [A9]sea [A7]
It [Em]lingered [Baug]there to [Em7]touch your [A9]hair and [Dmaj7]walk with [D]me [D7]
All [Am7]summer [D7]long we [Am7]sang a [D7]song and [G]strolled in golden [C9]sand
[D]Two [Bm]sweethearts [Em7] [A7]and the [Dmaj7]summer wind [Em7] [A7]

{c:VERSE 2:}

Like [D]painted [Dmaj7]kites, the [Cdim]days and [B7]nights went [Em7]flying [A9]by [A7]
The [Em]world was [Baug]new be[Em7]neath a [A9]blue um[Dmaj7]brella [D]sky [D7]
Then [Am7]softer [D7]than a [Am7]piper [D7]man, one [G]day it called to [C9]you
[D]I [Bm]lost you [Em7] [A7]to the [Dmaj7]summer wind. [B7]

{c:VERSE 3:}

The [D]autumn [Dmaj7]wind, the [Cdim]winter [B7]winds have [Em7]come and [A9]gone [A7]
And [Em]still the [Baug]days, the [Em7]lonely [A9]days, go [Dmaj7]on and [D]on [D7]
And [Am7]guess who [D7]sighs his [Am7]lulla[D7]bies through [G]nights that never [Gm6]end
[D]My [Bm]fickle [Em7] [A7]friend, the [Dmaj7]summer wind [Em7] [A7]


The [D]summer wind [Dmaj7] [Em] [A7]
The [D]summer wind [Dmaj7] [Em] [A7] [D]

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