Great Ukes4Fun session with Richard G of ScorpexUke

Great session yesterday at The Cumberland Arms with Aussie visitors Richard Gibson, of Scorpex Ukesongs and the very posh-sounding – but clearly wild and wonderful – Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society, and the lovely Wendy.

We presented Richard with a copy of our Songbook, so he can learn some Geordie songs and take them back doon-under.  Luckily for them, the sun is shining on them today in the North East as they explore roots in the area.

There were some photos, as well as drink, taken at the session so I will post them on the Ukes4Fun blog as soon as I get my hands on them. In the meantime, here is one I nicked from the AUAS website:

Richard Gibson – AUAS gig

Best wishes to Richard and Wendy from us all as they continue on their travels:

A great pleasure too to see Marie Little again at the session, wowing us with her fabulous singing, beautiful Baritone Uke and wicked sense of humour.

Fiona was on holiday and missed all the fun.  Many thanks to our stalwart reserve bass-player, Karl Barlow, for keeping us in time – and for “Teenager In Love” and “Yakkity Yak!”.   Lucy Falkenau, one of Karl’s partners in crime from The Attic Band, led some fab new songs for us with her big ole’ banjo.

We were also delighted to offer a very warm welcome to members of the Tune Army Uke Club, who joined with us in greeting Richard and Wendy and raising the roof at the Cumberland last night!

Lizzie X

ps. Lovely to see Ritchie again too! Bring your flippin’ uke next time, you daft ‘apporth!

2 thoughts on “Great Ukes4Fun session with Richard G of ScorpexUke

  1. I could have sworn Dot was there too – without whom this wouldn’t be half the session it is.


    • So she was – Dot makes every session go with a bang :-) No slight intended – I was just taking the opportunity to name-check some of the other visitors and “non-regulars” who happened by chance or design to be at this particular session.


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