Ukes4Fun Song Practice No 4: Singing In The Rain – Two chord version!

Wonderful video of Megs leading Mis-spent Ukes and Friends at Rowlands Gill Community Centre – courtesy of Bob – with a song-sheet so you can practice in between sessions!


See “The Ukulele First Step – Beginners Start Here!” for the first three practice songs.

2 thoughts on “Ukes4Fun Song Practice No 4: Singing In The Rain – Two chord version!”

    1. hi John,

      I’ve been playing 12 years and I still get it wrong :-)

      Are there any Uke Clubs or Classes or tutors near where you live?

      Otherwise, YouTube is your friend.

      This is a good “starter” video on strumming by Dave Newton:

      “All in Good Time Music” by Rhan Wilson is a good site for learning to focus on the rhythm rather than the “mechanics” of strumming and will help a lot:

      Best wishes,
      Liz Panton


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